‘Cursed’: a stimulating adaptation of the comics of Frank Miller for Netflix you go through the path initiated by ‘The Witcher’

'Cursed': a stimulating adaptation of the comics of Frank Miller for Netflix you go through the path initiated by 'The Witcher'

‘Damn’ has become the latest sensation tv from Netflix. The adaptation of the comic book, Tom Wheeler, who also serves as showrunner of the series, and Frank Miller has come up with force to Netflix, and currently occupies the first position in the Top 10 of the platform. A few days ago I already shared my impressions on the first five episodes and now has come to talk about the first season to the full.

One of the things that I had been surprised of ‘Damn’ was that he was not afraid to show the side more bloody violence, reducing to a minimum their flirtations with a focus on juvenile yes present in many other productions of Netflix that used to limit their interest in a more or less pronounced. Fortunately, that is something that has been maintained in the rest of the episodes, leaving the door open to a second season that the company’s streaming is already taking a long time to confirm.

Debugging the formula

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from here you will have some spoiler of the first season of ‘Damn’.

In its way, it could be said that ‘Damned’ opens the path initiated by ‘The Witcher’ Netflix, that is to say, an epic fantasy that is not satisfied with being a mere pastime for the young audience. Yes, also Polish mistakes, because the narrative used by the series led by Henry Cavill was not all so well done that one would like. Here everything is much more clear, jumping from one front to another with ease, through some curious transitions that quickly become one of the distinctive traits of the series.

in Addition, ‘Damned’ has a distribution more broad in terms of characters with real weight on the frame. It is true that not all are equally well developed, but the one yes that you understand their motivations and enjoy in most of the cases their contribution to the series. Surely the weakest link is Devon Terrell as Arturo, since it lacks that touch of charisma that requires the character and not it makes up for with the force of dramatic need.

That affects that inevitable romantic interest that arises between his character and the great protagonist of the function, performed with ease and conviction by Katherine Langford, which acquires greater importance in the second part of the season. Not that they make is unbearable, but the interest diminishes so clear and one would hope that Nimue had been in love with another character -though it is fair to say that I like the simplicity with which they resolve the rivalry between Arthur and Gawain-, because it shows to have more chemistry with almost any other.

Missing that last step forward


beyond that, there is a scene in which the digital touch-ups sing a lot, but in general the work atmosphere is more than remarkable and allows you to create a universe that is convincing and attractive to the eye. You want that not, this point is essential for one to immerse fully in a story as well, because it is always bad that one is all the while are thinking of what is lacking in that it looks this or that. Here is something timely, and additionally opens the camera more than usual in the productions Netflix, which very often are abused close-ups confusing closeness with dramatic intensity.

In regard to the revision of the myth arthurian, ‘Damn’ you opt for a clear focus on linking the power of the sword with the inevitable corruption of its carrier. I would have liked that delve more into it -the idea of a Nimue villain is very juicy but just reduced to a couple of flashes-but time will have to do this if they so choose. In addition, the Merlin low hours, played by Gustaf Skarsgard is a success, so when one is not clear on what you are playing exactly like when everything seems to be clarified in the final stretch.

Yes, I ended up knowing a little how to use the Paladins to Red after you sell them as little less than a threat to be unbeatable, but the series is concerned to prepare a step advancement in the way they act that it leaves us a great fight in the final episode when the Monk Weeping finally acts in accordance to its roots. Yes, a ‘Damn’ would have been luxury to a climax with greater strength, as it leaves a cliffhanger curious, but what happens before was for something a lot more powerful.

In summary

I have spent a good time with ‘Damn’, although I get the feeling that has not wanted or has not been able to take that step forward after a promising start. It is as if he felt comfortable in the terrain raised, trusting that the successive connections with the arthurian legend would be enough to get that little extra that so well he had come.

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‘Cursed’: a stimulating adaptation of the comics of Frank Miller for Netflix you go through the path initiated by ‘The Witcher’
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July 21, 2020

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