Customize every corner of your Android with Xposed and modules


One of the great advantages of Android is that we can almost completely renew our device without having to replace it because the ROMs. Usually what we get with a new ROM is to give a different air to our Android thanks to the additions, and customization features that cooks are added in addition to enjoying Android versions officially our smartphone does not support.

This involves a series of steps, while not complicated, they may be too much for some users want or need, sometimes customization is usually somewhere in the system and add a few features or tweaks more. For this it is best to use Xposed Framework.

What is Xposed


Now we have spoken

in the past of it. It is a kind of layer to install different modules to control various aspects of your Android phone. That is, instead of installing a complete ROM that radically changes the whole system, Xposed with small modules can change using only the parts that interest you , for example some elements sizes, colors, lock screen and so on.

Xposed To use all you need is:

  • Download the latest version of Xposed Framework from Thread XDA official and in which you will find a lot of information.
  • smartphone with Android 4.0 or higher and yes, should be rooteado . For the latter you can stop by our root section , or some of the latest methods that have come out, that can be almost effortlessly Root , such as Framaroot .
  • You have all the steps to install on inputs that are dedicated to Xposed Framework here and here .

What I can do with Xposed?

As we said, we Xposed once installed, we can use entire catalog of modules that are available and each will give us control over a portion of the device to customize it. So let’s do a review of some of the most useful modules.

Wanam Xposed

Wanam Xposed is a module that provides hundreds of settings to customize the phone interface to the smallest details and it also allows you to add new functions. In this post and talked a lot about this module and with it you can change any color from the elements and system texts, such as the notification bar, change fonts and sizes. It also adds the recording function calls and adjustments in the most advanced restart options.

 module Wanam xposed

Xposed Wanam terminal is dedicated to Samsung with Android 4.2.2 and TouchWiz and can be downloaded free from Play.

Application on Google Play


This is one of the features that are included in the ROMs of Paranoid and thanks to this module you can enjoy without ternerla installed. Lets have a pop-up launcher floating pass from one application to another quickly. You can download it from here .

xposed stop mod

Modaco Toolkit

This module is specially dedicated for the HTC One and among many things, location eliminates restrictions to access some applications Play and Amazon MP3, hide items from the notification bar, make it transparent, assign other actions to the volume keys and more. Download it here.

Very useful tools

Among the large number of modules found tools that can be very useful, as Flashify for creating boot images and security of the phone without having to access the recovery mode , and flash files from the module itself , also integrated with Dropbox. It’s free, but limited to 3 flasheos per day, plus info on your XDA thread.

 fls xposed model

Another interesting module is XPrivac and, you can take control of permissions used by each application individually. So, you can allow or deny some of them or even cause you to provide data false. Po example, if an application requests our location, give it XPrivacy handles, but incorrect. The’re here. Finally, Tweakbox is a module that contains a large collection of settings and options to configure to complete the status bar and can customize to taste. Like the rest also has its own XDA thread.

You see many modules are available and varied. You can check all is in this thread or this repository , which includes a short description of each. The possibilities offered are vast Xposed Framework and allows changing small details of devices with very low risk of data loss without flash a full ROM. Do you know any more module that is useful and not so well known?

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Customize every corner of your Android with Xposed and modules
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