Customizing the Quick Settings Android Marshmallow

Quick Settings Personalization

One of the new hidden Android Marshmallow is the customization of rapid adjustments . I say hidden because it is hidden, to enjoy this customization must be activar IU configurator system.

The customization of rapid adjustments Android Marsmallow allows us arrange switches, eliminate those that do not interest us and add new custom buttons for further actions, such as new switches, opening applications or open links

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Enable system configurator IU

To enjoy customization of rapid adjustments first thing we need to do is turn on System Configurator UI . To do so we just have to lower the bar and make quick adjustments to be pressed more than three seconds on the gear icon to access the settings.

Customize Quick Settings

Quick Settings Personalization

Once activated, we see that Settings> System Configurator UI> Quick settings we can customize to our liking this bar. There we see that we can perform four actions

  • Move position switches. To do this we just need to drag position switch
  • Quick Settings Personalization

    • Remove a switch: for it only we have to drag the switch to the trash.
    Settings Quick Personalization

    • Add mosaic. We can add the removed switches and create new custom switches
    Quick Settings Personalization

    • RE-ESTABLISH Quick settings: In the menu option we find is that restores our quick adjustments, leaving them come standard
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      Quick Settings Personalization

      Create custom switches

      If we want to create our custom switches we must resort to the Custom Quick Settings application that is available for download from Google Play. Thanks to this application we will not be limited to switches that come standard in Android.

      Quick Settings Personalization

      Create our quick adjustments with Custom Quick Settings is very simple, just have to click on the blue + icon and follow the instructions on screen shows. In short, we must click on start to access the System Configurator UI . There entered Quick settings and create the mosaic of the name issue with asking us Custom Quick Settings. If you create your first mosaic CUSTOMTILE0 name will, for the second CUSTOMTILE1, CUSTOMTILE2 for third, and so on. The same application tells us the name and number.

      Quick Settings Personalization

      Once the mosaic created go back up again Custom Quick Settings , click on done and proceed and create our new switch quick adjustment or putting your name, icon and action.

      Quick Settings Personalization

      Custom Quick Settings allows you to add any of its 1,200 icons, the icons of our applications, or if we unlock the Pro version (1.68 €) we can add our own icons or download more icons packs. In its actions, we can launch applications, URLs, switches, or Pro version launch shortcuts and tasks with Tasker / IFTT. We allow you to select an action with a normal pulse and another for a long press. They also allow us to hide actions when the device is locked

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      Customizing the Quick Settings Android Marshmallow
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December 15, 2015

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