Daniel Craig is injured during the filming of ‘Spectre’, the new James Bond film


  • The Briton, 46, suffered a sprained knee while filming a scene of shooting.
  • ‘Spectre’, to be released in theaters next November 6, will be the twenty-fourth James Bond film and the fourth of Craig as the protagonist.

 Daniel Craig as James Bond

The thrilling action New film 007 has taken its toll on , who was injured during the filming of Spectre. The actor suffered a sprained knee while filming a scene of shooting in the next film James Bond .

The Briton, 46, who leads the cast of the film was at Pinewood Studios in Buckinghamshire (London) when injured. Craig’s knee endangers the forecasts of shooting.

A extras which will be the twenty-fourth James Bond film have been given the day off, and daily The Sun quotes a source that points to the concern of those responsible for the project, according to British media reported.

“The heads of Bond probably feel panic. The delivery dates the film are very close, and any delay can end times “said this source. However, a spokesman for the film has denied. “He’ll be rolling on Saturday, as planned,” he said.

Trouble shooting in Rome

This accident is not the only threat hanging over Bond. The makers of the film planned to shoot from March Ponte Sisto , a bridge fifteenth century in Rome, something that has not liked anything to some religious activists.

The bridge was to be the scene of even a scene where Craig jumped from a helicopter, but its relationship with Pope Innocent X has made some sectors Catholics complained to the Italian authorities. will have to wait to know if the director Sam Mendes is forced to find another location.

also was injured in ‘Quantum of Solace’

This is the fourth film in which the actor of 46 years it gets on the skin of James Bond, and the second time that the action of the tapes becomes dangerous. During the filming of Quantum of Solace Craig suffered injured in a hand , a much better than several extras on the tape were hospitalized with minor injuries destination.

In this installment Daniel Craig returns to lead the cast in the other faces are also known as Christoph Waltz, whose character, Oberhauser, raises some doubts and there are many rumors that point will be the new Blofeld, the main villain, or Monica Bellucci, who will play Lucia Sciarra.

Other new faces will be said Léa Seydoux , who plays a character known as Madeleine Swann, Andrew Scott, who will play Denbigh and David Bautista, who will Mr Hinx, one of those physically imposing and challenging in the melee to 007 villains.

Also repeated Ralph Fiennes, in his brand new role as M, Ben Whishaw as Q, and Naomie Harris as Eve Moneypenny. It is envisaged that Spectre film debuts in the November 6, 2015.


Daniel Craig is injured during the filming of ‘Spectre’, the new James Bond film
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