Daredevil, analysis of the second season: what does it mean to be a hero?

Daredevil, analysis of the second season: what means to be a hero?

spoilers, spoilers and more spoilers. They were warned.

If you want an analysis without spoilers, we recommend you read our impressions of the first half of the season .

Netflix and Marvel are taken from hands again to bring us another installment the hero who started it all for this great couple. In the first season Matt Murdock had to face the awesome mobster named Wilson Fisk at the same time that he discovered himself in this new role of hero and vigilante who also has a day job and a new company with his best friend.

things have changed, now Fisk in prison, Nelson and Murdock tries to stay afloat in a city where trying to save everyone really does not pay well. Daredevil is already a well established name in the streets, the demon of Hell’s Kitchen has served almost as an inspiration for more than a copycat wanting to take justice into their own hands. However, his methods seem to work, cut a head the monster and another grows in the shadows.

Everything you’ve done has just made things worse

second season daredevil

Marvel’s Daredevil

the violence only brings more violence.

from the first episode presented us the destruction that this new character is able to create. However, The Punisher is not flat , is not just a guy who goes around killing everything that moves pleasure, or in an absurd attempt to create a world best. In the first meeting with Frank Castle and Daredevil, this recites some pretty convincing arguments more convincing than words is a lawyer by day, they seem illusory and even prefabricated. It is not difficult to side with the punisher , the way we do things is permanent, has a certain moral code, and something inside you can not help but think that perhaps everyone who has killed deserved be three meters underground.

Frank Castle is well defined, it is a hard and compelling character. Jon Bernthal offers the best performance of the series.

No matter whether you agree with their methods or not, Frank Castle is convincing because he believes what he says . The character is well written, and the actor who plays him ( Jon Bernthal ) does a great job representing it. Castle is convinced that does what you need and must do, even using excuses, know it’s not a good person, nor does this for anyone else, he does for himself. Because the only anchor that tied him to his humanity was snatched from their hands by the violence of Hell’s Kitchen .

And at the other end, Matt Murdock, why reasons Matt Murdock does things


 daredevil second season

Marvel’s Daredevil

for the moment we know Elektra series has taken a pause a bit strange, try to create a space for the romance between Matt and Karen, perhaps with occasional sparks jumping between the two, but can easily be extinguished if only you think the circumstances in which both are. This relationship is completely based on lies, neither knows the other , how can have something real when they hide themselves and others completely?

on the other side of the spectrum is Elektra, so elegant, exotic and effervescent as his punches

When Matt comes home with a stupid smile teenager in love, They introduce us to Elektra , someone who seems to return to the life of our protagonists after ten years of absence and for reasons that only generate distrust. Who they have not apparently served to heal old wounds. There seems to be a pattern in relationships Matt, and all begin and end at the lack of confidence.

Elodie Yung also plays such an interesting and compelling character like Punisher Bernthal , only in a different spectrum. His shameless and mocking way of saying things make for the most refreshing moments in the series. Some humor amid so much darkness, some elegance in the meantime chaos, a different shade of red from so much violence.

There is only room for a king

second daredevil season

Marvel’s Daredevil

in this season of Daredevil seems to be room for too many people. We have been bombarded with a huge amount of important people, powerful people and most of the better cases written and developed than the same Matt Murdock , which sometimes feels bland, flat, clumsy, and simply boring.

in contrast to the previous season in which the only real antagonist figure and weight was Fisk, this time we have heroes and antiheroes scattered everywhere, each pursuing its own line of the plot . And it is right here where the second season of Daredevil falls well short, just not well written .

This time there is a villain as such, so that the most of the time is spent in completely terrific action scenes that take you from the mind quickly the feeling of discomfort that you currently produces the plot . They have introduced a show of just 13 episodes a ridiculous amount of concepts and parallel stories, which essentially are quite interesting, but have not developed well, are not connected, and its resolution is quite poor.

at times it seems that every character is in a different series. Karen and her new profession, trying for reasons we never clarify, change the image with the world of Frank Castle, why are you so interested ?, seriously, why the hell? It is difficult to create a connection to a character if you do not understand what moves them

bittersweet Entertainment

 daredevil poster

Daredevil is an excellent series of action , the addition of the Punisher and Elektra this season were undoubtedly great choices. Needless to say, the moment they decide to bring back to the scene the great Wilson Fisk. Interactions between him and The Punisher the prize to my favorite moments of the thirteen episodes takes.

Now, the problem is that if you remove all the fabulous choreography, hordes of ninjas, the gore of the most violent scenes ranging from skulls shattered screen to torture unfit for weak stomachs, stay with a story that just makes sense and is very unmemorable . Not only that, too many conflicts arise, and wait until the last two episodes to resolve them quite unsatisfactory.

Many of the scenes with dialogues and where action and violence stop a little, they are so boring, scattered, and even repetitive (not how many times Matt fucked up the day with his insistence on not killing and vulgarity) that can hold your attention, you’re just waiting for the next fight, like waiting for the next chase all speed film Fast and Furious.

at the end Daredevil again leaves open space for a continuation, and connects many points subtly Jessica Jones , pointing directly to that assembly superheroes we all hope to see. Now, it’s time to sit and wait for Luke Cage.


Daredevil, analysis of the second season: what does it mean to be a hero?
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March 21, 2016

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