Dark Quest 2, the RPG based on Hero Quest, is now available on Android

Dark Quest 2, the RPG based on Hero Quest, is now available on Android

The ecosystem of mobile games available on Android is becoming more and more broad, and it makes sense if we observe that even the mobile phone specialize to take full advantage of its power and putting it at the service of the games. The titles continue to arrive, sometimes eager of equipment and RAM, and sometimes with an approach less demanding.

Is the latest title to land on Android (and iOS) from the offices of Brain Seal. A title role that reached its second generation and it does so while maintaining its essence and its origins.

Gets Dark Quest 2, the RPG turn-based is inspired by the universe of Hero Quest, the legendary board game.

A role-playing game the old-fashioned way

In the Dark Quest 2 we find the classic, but no less entertaining, game of turn-based isometric perspective. The style of the games of the series GO, as Hitman or Lara Croft, we have the board divided into different boxes that we can go by shifting and executing our attacks and spells.

On this occasion, the game features a solo campaign that gets to be something short, and that it can be considered that serves as a tutorial to prepare for the great attraction of the title: the multiplayer. With Dark Quest 2 we will be able to play with up to two friends in co-op mode, and with a “drop-in / drop-out” that will allow us to get in and out of the game when we want to.

Dark Quest 2

As in all games of this style, decisions can be taken with calm because we talk about a title round-robin, and these can be spent simply with an action, we will not be able, for example, to move and perform an action, or vice versa. Thus, it will be better to have clear what we’re going to do in each moment to not get caught up in the face of danger before account.

In the Dark Quest 2 we will not play with a character alone, but that we can control a group of characters, each one of them specialized and their skills distinctive, as any role-playing game worth its salt. Are these characters that, at a given time, may be controlled by our friends if disputamos a phase in co-op mode.


in Addition to all this we will have the village, “The Village”, in which we will be able to learn new powers and tricks, build new weapons or to improve current and even evolve our characters. All this and more is Dark Quest 2, the new game from Brazil Steal that is already available for Android by a price of 2,99 euros, and without purchases inside.

Dark Quest 2

Dark Quest 2

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Dark Quest 2, the RPG based on Hero Quest, is now available on Android
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June 18, 2019

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