Dart, is the perfect programming language for Android?


As you approach the Google I / O this year, they appear a large number of posts, articles, posts, tweets and news on the network on new programming languages ​​.

But what’s all this driven by Apple’s presentation of its new Swift language in the last WWDC 2014? The month of June has been moved to Apple developers, who have stated on some forums that Android is out of date compared to iOS from the point of view of a developer, the fact-based follow Java . Today we will see the view of Cyril Mottier, a developer of apps that has been recognized by Google as Google Android Developer Expert in 2014.

software can not depend legislators, only developers

Google and Oracle have fought for the use of Java in Android has been possible. In fact, the view between the two companies has been one of the most important in the recent history of computers, but now seem to be in a phase of calm waters. In fact, Google is dangerous to rely on programming languages ​​competitors, they live under the threat of lawsuits.

Programming languages ​​must evolve

To Mottier, Google and should be replaced by another Java programming language . Personally, he believes Google has been secretly working on a programming language to replace Java at least as long as Apple has done with Swift (since 2010).


Many people think that Go would be a good alternative, but as many as Mottier, Dart think is more appropriate , for reasons such as which is a more mature and based on virtual machine language (as is Java). In addition, Google adjusts better to the ecosystem and its learning curve is really simple for developers. This is why you do not see only Dart as the possible future of Android, but the company itself.

And this I say that developers and Mottier declared fan of Java, but recognize that Java is at this stage that begins to be necessary I think retire him. Ni Revolution Java 8 can you overcome the limitations, disadvantages and problems that Java as a language is dragging because compatibility with previous versions. And that is where Dart is made strong, as it has been designed to solve problems common and recurring development, many of them in the flow of programming, allowing developers to help create really solid and robust APIs. These are some of the ideas that offer the strength to Dart:

  • No primitive types: everything is an object And so it should be in any programming language oriented. . objects
  • simpler programming language syntactically : The creation of public constants can be made with const can forget so famous public static final that Java developers are so used to using. Moreover, everything would become public by default and private that begins with an underscore, also forgetting public / private
  • builders limitations are removed. In Java, constructors must have the same name as the class to be recognized as such. One way to solve this is to create a static creation method, which is allowed in Dart
  • Passing parameters

  • updated . Dart allows positional parameters and name, but also that are optional or have default values, which Java does not allow.
  • And so on, as implicit interfaces, mixins

future control language

Not to be taken down at any time against competitors, Google must have full control of the programming languages ​​that are using . Well, as mentioned, Java 8 is already here, but possibly pass time until Android count on it. That’s why, that Google should be able to maintain and desarroladr language perfectly on all platforms where necessary, as Apple has done with Swift and Objective-C. This would allow much faster evolution of Google’s own products, which are already seeing with Dart.


In fact, Dart is made for everyone to participate by accessing the sending source and code fixes and enhancements. AOSP is supposedly equal, but only Google Dart controls because they are the only company with enough resources to keep the project and make it evolve. It’s a way of keeping the project open source, but keep it under control.

A language to program all

Dart is already running on web servers and. The only gap finds Android . And if you were carrying Dart Android, leave a unique language that would run on all major platforms (mobile, web and server). One more point about what many programmers and companies would like:

Write it once, run it where you want

Not everything is so nice to Dart

Dart is a well developed language. But still has not reached the critical mass to be considered the inevitable language programming in web development . Why? For web developers do not believe that Dart brings many improvements to make the change profitable. But what if the default language in Android? Maybe then you would be helping this language was also adopted in web development. And also help an Android developer was able to easily create a small web site at any time.

Google-Chrome-26-0 -1397-2-Dev-Released-2

Also, not all programmers think alike, and there are many who think that Google should not reinvent the wheel, but had ample resources for it. Likewise, doubt that Google wants to get rid of all the languages ​​you work, like Python, Java or C + +. Furthermore, not all languages ​​are best suited for all types of development efforts.

Furthermore, what about all the existing libraries for Google current projects Would you migrate all think?


never easy or simple to make such a drastic change. Obviously, introduce Dart Android involves a lot of work on the part of Google, especially in performance, compatibility or interoperability. This leads to questions about whether Dart will be as efficient as in more restricted Java devices than desktop browsers or how to make these Dart based applications run on most devices. But there are other questions that affect developers, such as the fact of allowing enter code Java API Dart language and vice versa.

All of these questions are difficult to answer, but is where Google usually responds. The question is, Google has already prepared such a change? Will the Google I / O the year they are released?

Source | Cyril Mottier

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Dart, is the perfect programming language for Android?
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June 20, 2014

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