DashClock vs clock, what is the best widget-clock lock screen

href=”https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=net.nurik.roman.dashclock/wp-content/uploads/2013/02/2013-02-12-23.52.31.png”> 2013 23.52.31 -02 to 12  12.02.2013 23.49.16

Yesterday afternoon, the designer and engineer Roman Nurik Android launched their own application to Google Play. This is DashClock a great for our widget lock screen that looks really good. But on the other hand we have Clock , CyanogenMod widget. Which of the two is better?

Widgets on the lock screen

few days ago we talked about the widgets on the lock screen, we can put these widgets from Android 4.2 on our Lockscreen and give us more information. I mentioned 21 applications that serve as widgets , and there are really a lot of quality. Today we face two of them: the new DashClock vs the traditional clock.

In all comparisons we Clock to the left and DashClock to the right .


 12.02.2013 22.58.06  02/13/2013 00.02.20

Both widgets have a similar aesthetic inspired heavily in Holo. But at this point, DashClock goes a step beyond letting us choose different styles for time and dates. We can alternate between 4 hours and 4 types of date types completely independent, leaving us with more than 16 different combinations. The Clock of Cyanogen only allows us to choose whether we want to highlight the hour or minute.

Amount of information

 02.13.2013 00.05.59  12.02.2013 22.49.30

In this case we can say that also earns DashClock: offers over 6 mini-widgets with information of all kinds. We can add: Alarms, Gmail, Calendar, Missed Calls, SMS and Time. Meanwhile, we can only add clock of time Alarm, Climate and Calendar.


 12.02.2013 23.58.34  13.02.2013 00.10.23

And here is undoubtedly imposes clock. Unfortunately, although it has many mini-widgets, Timpo DashClock allows no customization of them. On the other hand, the level of customization Clock is overwhelming: we can choose the refresh time, the location, the range of days in the calendar, pick what data calendar, etc etc.


 02.12.2013 23.52.31  02.12.2013 23.49.16

Although it has an excellent pint DashClock at the moment is a little green. Unable to define in detail the location settings, refresh or calendar dates, use a lot worse and increases the battery consumption. For example, I could show the DashClock a calendar event that takes place within three days.

Tip : To see the widget must completely expand . This is done by dragging a bit down. CyanogenMod users can use a set of useful sea, autoexpandidos widgets. You can activate Settings -> Lock Screen -> Maximize widgets .

So, thanks to its high level of customization, I recommend everyone CyanogenMod users use the Clock . For all other users of Android 4.2, with DashClock going to have an excellent widget that undoubtedly will become a reference in the future.

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DashClock vs clock, what is the best widget-clock lock screen
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February 14, 2013

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