‘David, the Gnome’ will also have American adaptation

David the Gnome

The American television is lately showing great interest in the Spanish fiction, driven forward adaptations of ‘Los mysteries of Laura ‘and’ Red Bracelets’ not being ruled out that ‘The ministry of time’ corra the same fate. However, today I bring you the announcement of an American remake sure none of you expected, that of ‘ David, the Gnome ‘.

The truth is that ‘ David the Gnome ‘ was not the first adaptation of Will Huygen and Rien Poortvliet as Jack Zander previously made a short film, but BRB was still in possession of the rights to adapt and almighty Weinstein brothers have reached an agreement with them to make a new animated in the United States version <-.! more ->

In fact, this new version will build a series came airing in the United States rather well received , so it is understandable that Weinstein want to continue squeezing the reef. For now it is unknown how many episodes would have this remake of “David the Gnome ‘, but I imagine that they will soon announce more details of’ Gnomes’, which will be its title.

Spy Kids

In addition, the Weinstein brothers also prepare an animated film series’ Spy Kids’ adaptation, whose first season will consist of 26 episodes, and ‘ Reboot: The Guardian Code’ , a series on the line ‘Power . Rangers’ about four teenagers who enter cyberspace to defend humanity against viruses, malware and the like

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News “David the Gnome ‘will also have American adaptation was originally published at Go Tele by Mikel Zorrilla .

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‘David, the Gnome’ will also have American adaptation
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May 7, 2015

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