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These days there is talk of ‘ Deadpool ‘ a estupenda best movie entertainment- -and that is arrasando at the box office worldwide and today February 19 reaches the Spanish cinemas. Therefore, in Vaya Tele! we wanted to make a complete review of the TV last of the characters as we did at the time with ‘Star Wars: The Awakening force ‘and’ Terminator Genesis ‘.

Ryan Reynolds


Ryan Reynolds was barely fifteen years old when she participated in thirteen episodes of the first season of ‘ Hillside ‘, just those who agreed to produce Disney Channel. However, the chain decided not to go ahead and Reynolds was one of the casualties when other companies decided to avoid what looked like certain death.

Just spent a couple of years until he was signed to participate again in 13 episodes of ‘the odyssey’, which quickly strung with small roles in TV movies like ‘Man on a Ledge’ or ‘step forward’. However, the highlight would be “ Sabrina, the Teenage Witch ‘, where Melissa Joan Hart gave birth to Sabrina Spellman first before having own series.

We also made appearances spot on ‘the X-Files ‘ or ‘beyond the limit’, but it was in 1998 when his television career really took off thanks to ‘ Two Guys ‘, in which he remained until his last episode aired in 2001 -and which coincided with Nathan Fillion -. He has since made episodic appearances on ‘Scrubs’ and’ My Boys’, being in charge of lending his voice to one of the protagonists of Zeroman ‘.

Morena Baccarin

Morena Baccarin Firefly

Only 23 years had this Brazilian actress when Joss Whedon’s signed for Inara in the anthology ‘ Firefly ‘. Unfortunately, we all know that the series was never renewed for a second season, same fate with ‘ Still Life ‘ just a few months later.

Four years had to wait to find a stable character in ‘ Heartland ‘. In between he managed sporadic appearances in “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia ‘,’ The OC ‘,’ How I Met your mother ‘and’ Stargate SG-1 ‘, which resumed after the early termination of’ Heartland ‘being seen in episodes of’ medium ‘,’ Numb3rs’ or ‘Dirt’.

Something had more luck after being signed as Anna in the remake of ‘ V ‘, and that this time at least he managed to keep a steady job for two seasons. Of course, no cloud has well come, and that enabled him to get the role of Jessica Brody in ‘ Homeland ‘, where he participated in his first three seasons.

Baccarin has also appeared in three episodes of ‘ mentalist’, the miniseries ‘the red tent’, voiced Gideon in ‘the Flash’ and since last year plays Dr. Leslie Thompkins to ‘ Gotham ‘.

Ed Skrein

 Ed Skrein

Mayfly was the participation of Skrein to ‘ Game of Thrones ‘, as she played Daario in three episodes of the series HBO before leaving, being replaced by Michiel Huisman. In addition, we also see him in three episodes of ‘ The Tunnel ‘, the Franco adaptation of the renowned ‘ Bron / Broen ‘.

TJ Miller

Tj Miller Silicon Valley

His first television experience dates back to 2007, when gave birth to the son of the characters played by Fred Goss and Faith Ford in ‘ Carpoolers “, a sitcom that just arrived airing 13 episodes. He later made episodic appearances in series such as “ Happy Endings ” or “ The League ‘before returning to receive a new big break in’ The Goodwin Games ‘, another resounding failure.

Today we see him playing in Erlich Bachman’ Silicon Valley ‘, but has also had time to lend his voice to characters in animated productions as’ Gravity Falls ” High School USA! ‘ or ‘Dragons: Race to the Edge’.

Stefan Kapicic

The Unit

Kapicic the new Colossus has been allowed to see telefilms Europeans as ‘O duvana stetnosti’ or ‘Ne skreci Staze sa’ as well as on shows like ‘Obicni ljudi’, ‘Larin izbor’ or ‘Zora dubrovacka’. I do not blame you if you do not know any, but his face perhaps you sound for their episodic appearances in ’24’, ‘The Unit’, ‘Numb3rs’ or ‘The Event’ .

Brianna Hildebrand


the next August 14 will turn 20 years and now has not shown special interest in the small screen . In fact, most like it has done so far has been involved in web series short-lived Annie Undocumented ‘. Based on true events, he told the story of a teenager who discovers she is an illegal immigrant. Hildebrand portrayed the best friend of the protagonist .

Gina Carano

Gina Carano American Gladiators 01

Carano gained fame for his career as martial arts fighter, but some perhaps remember having been Crush in the version of ‘ American Gladiators ‘commanded by the legendary Hulk Hogan.

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‘Deadpool’ television last of its protagonists
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February 20, 2016

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