Death Mark comes in physical format to stores Spanish

BadLand Games published the title of terror of Aksys Games.

Death Mark already has edition physical in Nintendo Switch. The game comes out of the hand of Badland Games in Spain, distributed in physical format this game from Aksys Games.

this Is a horror game that put the genre of the visual novel with a large dose of terror asia.

A mark on the skin portends the imminent death of anyone who is dialing, although they say that a dark place can make that worry. When you discover that you have the brand, your goal becomes to try to escape the curse at any price.

It andxtendiendo a strange rumor among the shadows of the city H Tokyo: a mysterious signal which was disfigured as a mark of birth, has started to appear in the body of some people. When someone shows up, he dies quickly for a terrible cause unknown.

Deprived of your memories, you arrive to a mansion that they say protects the carriers of the Brand. When the doors are opened, the countdown begins toward death…

Death Mark is a horror game in a key visual novel that puts us in the role of a middle-aged man who has lost his memory and wakes up with a strange mark on her body. It is said that this brand kills the possessor.

Death Mark comes in physical format to the Spanish stores

Death Mark comes in physical format to stores Spanish
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June 16, 2019

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