Death Stranding is updated to version 1.05 with various optimizations

Kojima Productions has not detailed the improvements of the latest patch, which improves the performance of this adventure is already available on PS4.

Death Stranding has been updated to version 1.05, a patch with an approximate size of 1 GB. The official information only mentions “several performance improvements”, but does not detail any changes, so it seems that it comes from small optimizations. The latest patches nor offered data specific to these improvements.

Death Stranding is now available on PlayStation 4 -PC-will arrive in the summer of 2020 – and is the latest game in Hideo Kojima, creator of Metal Gear. We proposed to unite a fragmented society by controlling Sam Porter Bridges, a carrier that takes resources, and technology between the various shelters. But in our way, not only will we find groups that are opposed to this unification, but we will be witnesses of the effects of Death and Stranding, a phenomenon with abnormalities in temporal and dimensional.

A good start in the sales japanese

In its first week, Death Stranding has managed to sales of 186,000 units in Japan, becoming the new license with best release of the generation in this country, and the third-best debut of a game published by Sony on PS4. has Also been a success in the Uk.

our analysis commented that “with a superb history and a proposal playable unique and different, are going to stay with us forever the great moments spent in this magical epic, of course, imperfect, as almost all the things worthwhile in this life.”

Death-Stranding is updated to version 1.05 with various optimizations

Death Stranding is updated to version 1.05 with various optimizations
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November 14, 2019

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