DECam, the best camera in the world

Fermilab created the Dark Energy Camera, a device designed to discover the origin of the accelerating universe that comes to be regarded as the best camera in the world.

Not Nikon, Canon, even Hasselblad, the firm that has the honor of having the best camera in the world is Fermilab . The Dark Energy Camera was created following the mission Dark Energy Survey, which is tasked with trying to understand the origin of the acceleration Universe and dark energy.

Perhaps photographer’s dream is to have the best camera in the world in his hands, but that really is something utopian . Although produces some frustration, in most cases will be a better device that we have, and if not, be in charge of doing it.

The requirement to always be trendy and have some top causes a duality of feelings: on the one hand, encourages the consumerism and make needs before we had not; but on the other, is also engine that advances the technological world, and therefore the whole society.

In science, the term to “move” the term is closely linked to “know”

The science, “advance” is closely linked to “know”. That is, dominate or understand an unknown or not enough is known appearance.

In this context that projects such as the aforementioned Dark Energy Survey, which attempts to answer some of the questions arise that even arise in the field of astronomy . To do this, you must have a team to rise to the occasion, resulting tools like until today, best camera in the world.


To understand the source of this camera before should contextualize environment that led to its creation. As noted above, the project attempts to answer questions related to dark energy and the expansion of the Universe. But What is dark energy?

On this type of energy, NASA says that currently only a small part of which is known. In fact, it is perceived by the theory of accelerated expansion of the Universe, which assumes that the Cosmos is spread due to factors such as dark energy.

The theories regard are abundant and complex, but yet still allowing a thesis master these premises is not held.

“Why is the universe’s expansion accelerates?” is the great question posed in Dark Energy Survey and which pretend to answer. The camera

Credit: news.slac

However, putting aside everything related to physical theories about the universe, now let’s focus on what really concerned in this post: the DECam (Dark Energy Camera)

As discussed their creators intended to create a camera of these features is to use it to observe objects of deep universe <. strong>. Therefore, this device will be equipped with a series of tools that allow capture phenomena impossible to perceive by other cameras. In fact, it was thanks to which the Comet Lovejoy after his recent “close” (about 51 captured million kilometers) from Earth. Consider some of the features mentioned in your web href=””>:

  • 74 sensors CCDs 2048 x 4096 pixels each, which are also 10 times thicker than normal to adequately capture the radiation emitted by galaxies and supernovae. Thus, the binding of these sensors gives as a result a resolution of 570 megapixel .

  • Tool optical correction 5 lenses having an entrance pupil of one meter in diameter and weighing 172kg , used to capture maximum light and reduce aberrations and cover a large field of vision to observe all the star map.

  • A system of electronic noise reduction that, after processing about 17 seconds, you get a picture with an almost total absence of this imperfection. As scientists suggest, the noise values ​​are so minimal that even are below 25 .

  • Battery filters up to 62 inches in diameter. Experts have 8 filters of different types to see the different color gamuts that respond to a particular wavelength.

  • A hexapod adapter which stabilizes the camera to get the images as clearly as possible. Focus on and align the device with high accuracy to capture the decision in detail.

In short, these are the main features to boost the DECam as the best camera in the world. However, although currently it is only suitable tool for the scientific field, we must remember that, in many cases, much of the advances developed in specialized fields later move the general public . So how are you tools cause auguremos a very promising future

DECam, the best camera in the world

DECam, the best camera in the world

DECam, the best camera in the world
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