Dependence on new technologies, a disease that can be cured

When you can not spend more than three minutes without talking cell feverishly awaiting a new message, email, SMS or tweet, digital stress threat: the dependence on new technology exists, but are developing therapies to combat them, from the anti-wall wallpaper wifi until the holidays 100% “off-line”.

“People kept constantly connected, anywhere and in all positions, in bed, in the restaurants or waiting rooms, “says Remy Oudghiri, director of Ipsos survey French Institute and author of a book on the” e-dependence “.

Screens have colonized our lives. In the U.S., about half of adults have a smartphone and more than a third a digital tablet.

“That surge of infinite possibilities takes the user connection after an initial period of enthusiasm, to reflect on how to enjoy life while taking advantage of their ability to connect. The question is how to avoid dependence “adds Oudghiri.

French scientists have created a special wall papered blocks wifi and signature waves Ahlstrom commercialize arises next year.

The company believes that the product is of great interest, especially for educational institutions, as it may prevent the students to look for his cell phone during the courses.

ISPOS According to a survey, about a third of the French feel the need to connect and the phenomenon is comparable in other countries.

In 2006, Ipsos had already noted that in France, 54% of respondents had the impression of spending less time with their neighbors as a result of new technologies. The figure rose to 71% in 2012.

“Digital Detox”

Companies begin to consider this saturation, particularly in the tourism sector, and there are hotels that think in the “digital detox”.

The Westin Dublin allows customers to leave their phones and tablets at the reception, and suggests instead a “detox team” that includes a traditional board game material for planting a tree. But all this comes at a price: 175 euros per night.

Another antidependencia entrepreneurship: the American company Digital Detox without internet organizes retreats in isolated parts of the United States or in distant countries, such as Cambodia.

“marketing is” believes Thierry Crouzet, a blogger who voluntarily disconnected for six months. “There are lots of quiet places. Nobody needs to hire a tour desk at the North Pole,” says.

Crouzet, a journalist for 49 years, shared his experience in his book entitled “unplugged” after having suffered a ‘burn-out “because of a digital agency that made the evening pass pending screens.

” I have many friends bloggers that lower rate. All we realize that technology is not nourishes us, “he adds.

In the world of work, companies take precautions to ensure that their employees do not spend 24 hours a day connected to the network.

For example, the German automaker Volkswagen decided not to send mails to his staff by quarter past six p.m. and seven o’clock.

And for those who can not resist the call of social networks, the portal proposes a program that blocks access to certain connections.

Detox Cures Internet begin to abound in the United States, including RESTART, which is presented as the first program offering Internet retreat in the country.

On its website, the company indicates that the majority of people treated between 18 and 28 years and have had problems in school following permanent connection. Others have difficulty establishing social relationships in real life.

“I would not use the word addiction.’s Not the same dependence on the drug and people can more easily get rid of it,” concludes Oudghiri.

Dependence on new technologies, a disease that can be cured
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June 30, 2013

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