Depth analysis of the New Nintendo 3DS XL

After 4 years on the market Nintendo has decided to release version 2.0 of its flagship product, improving the vast majority of deficiencies which had hitherto system: battery, 3D, power and even controles.Nintendo begins 2015 as 2014 ended: betting big for his vision of gaming. While everyone recommended that they should kill the 3DS and Wii U and was under license their franchises on iOS and Android, they have shown that they know what they do. Beginning with Amiibos, these mini-figures of Nintendo characters that connect with their games, and continuing with an exclusive game after another they have to show that the Wii U is not as dead as it seems. In fact, 2015 may be the year of Wii U if they follow the same path.

The New 3DS is not a new generation, but it is an important step forward But they are not just betting big on its home console, so do the laptop world weathering the storm with over 50 million sold to date 3DS. Betting big on this market by launching awaited titles as “The Legend Of Zelda; Majora’s Mask “or” Monster Hunter 4 “, while the market launch a new revision, the New Nintendo 3DS. A console that stands out for its new design, improved controls, increased power and a 3D seems that finally works as it should. And while that is to receive exclusive titles to give the impression that we have a new generation of reality could not be more different. We are not in a radically different console, if not to an improved 3DS. In this way and as it did with the Game Boy Color, GB Advance SP and Nintendo DSi has perfected the 3DS to face the last part of their life cycle. But what’s “New” the new Nintendo 3DS? ## “New” outside

Since its inception, Nintendo has focused XL models of their consoles to more “adult” audience, we only to take a look at the colors and announcements DSi XL, while current models were aimed at the “younger”. With New 3DS XL and its variant this approach is much more marked. While the “normal” model keeps the bolder colors (with a ABXY buttons reminiscent of SNES) and faceplates, the XL variant is much more sober less flashy colors and metallic finish.

Despite their 328gr there is heavy in hand In fact, taking into account that come from a 3DS “mini”, the first thing that caught my attention New 3DS XL has not been color or design, but size. Not that it’s huge or enormous, but the passage from one to another is really significant. That if, once you’ve become accustomed to the change you no turning back, as you know those with an iPhone 6 Plus. And the N3DS XL not only has a much larger (very similar in size to that of PsVita) screen that allows us to enjoy more of our games, it is also more comfortable for our hands for long periods of play. Moreover, the fact of being larger, as was the case with the original 3DS XL, makes some controls like the spider are in a more comfortable and accessible position.

Its almost 100gr 328gr make heavier than non-XL model, but since the weight grows with the size of both consoles density is similar and gives the feeling of holding a rock. Moreover, I have not come to notice that my arms get tired more having to hold the console for a couple of hours.

Depth analysis of the New Nintendo 3DS XL The main change is found in the buttons. Not only were added new controls, but it also has changed the way we feel. Both ABXY buttons like the triggers have a shorter route and the “clicks” are more intense, which is partly the somewhat noisier console makes its predecessors and step increases the sense of immediacy in controlling a game. The crosshead turn, and at least in my unit, “dancing” a little inside his hole but that has not affected its operation.

Although let’s face it, the controls really interested in the New 3DS XL are the new ZR / LR triggers and the famous lever C. These controls are to be included within the body of the console controls were in the Circle Pad Pro. Therefore, as expected, all games that were compatible with this accessory are what controls the New 3DS. Something that does not happen the other way around, since not all games that use the controls on the N3DS be compatible with this accessory, as has been commissioned to demonstrate Super Smash Bros.

The new controls make up the infamous Circle Pad Pro within the own 3DS With the new triggers ZR / LR (which add to the Z / L) Nintendo has created a handheld where actually triggers are not only comfortable but in addition do not increase the thickness thereof. It may seem silly, but the double trigger is one of the controls that most miss in respect handheld consoles. The trick is how narrow they are both triggers, allowing us to push the new trigger with the tip of the index while the previous phalanx press the triggers Z / L, and if we press both just have to download the whole finger. At first it may seem that we will press the wrong button, but unless we have small hands will not occur.

As for the lever C, the second joystick that has been included in the console, remember much to the button included in Thinkpad to control the mouse. In fact the use feeling is the same. While it is true that barely moves from its original position is capable of recording analog movement and is accurate enough to control the camera or perform attacks “smash” Super Smash Bros. I will not deny that takes some getting used, but is not as bad as it first seems.

Depth analysis of the New Nintendo 3DS XL The last element of design that changes relative to other 3DS is the position of some key elements such as card, stylus or the power button. Nintendo has decided to move most of these elements side and rear console to the front, which is a good or bad decision as we speak. The most notorious change may be the cartridge or card game. While in theory it may seem a bad place conducive to eject the cartridge unintentionally, in practice it is almost impossible to remove without wanting alone is somewhat uncomfortable if we support in that area our little finger.

The new position stylus is good or bad depending on the console you come from. If we proceed from an original 3DS change is for the better, since it is more accessible than if you were in the back, but if you come from a DS Lite, DSi or 3DS XL change is for the worse, since passing on the right side ( more accessible to the stylus) to the lower place. Something is better placed power button, which now allows us to turn on the console for StreetPass without having to open it.

Meanwhile, the Start and Select buttons return to their natural position and size and leave being in the center console surround, as if two bodyguards were, to the button Home. Although the elements are positioned better have been the headphone port and cargo, both in the center of the upper / lower part of the console, and avoid getting any leads us to connect to the console bother us to play. # # “New” inside Depth analysis of the New Nintendo 3DS XL But the new 3DS XL not only changes out, also makes it especially inside. With a new 3D system, new controls, a much more powerful processor, improved cameras and a new storage system is qualitative leap. It’s certainly not a new generation to use, but is an improvement that the staunchest players appreciate fully.

It seemed that Nintendo had given up the idea of ​​creating handheld 3D screens with the launch of the 2DS, however with the New 3DS has come charging and demonstrated that the 3D continues to provide value in the world of video games but for the rest of the industry run a veil over this technology.

4 years after Nintendo has made it usable 3D the new 3D can say many things, but perhaps most significant is to say that this is the technology I should have included in the original 3DS. And is that unlike the previous 3D models in 3DS New (XL) need not hold the console in an exact spot to enjoy this effect. Thanks to the front camera and the newly included infrared sensor new portable Nintendo can detect where our eyes meet and thus adapt the 3D so that the illusion is not broken and end up watching a blurry and dizzying display.

In practice this means that a feature only used it when we taught the console a friend to become active most of the time. No need to keep rigid like statues and enjoy Mario in three dimensions while traveling on the subway, train or bus is no longer something for daredevils. Personally 3D has never been something I attract attention, but this week’s test has made me re-DISCOVER games like “The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina Of Time”. Or “Mario Kart 7”

As for the panel itself, the new screen New Nintendo 3DS has improved over its predecessors. Now colors are more vivid before and games are much more vivid. What has not changed is the resolution, which remains at 800×240 pixels of previous models. Which, given the passage of 3.53 “from the original model to the 4.88” This model assumes a reduction in pixels per inch (ppi). I will not deny that the difference is noticeable (especially accustomed to using Retina displays), but once you get to play see details on smaller screens went unnoticed and forget if the screen has roughly ppp’s.

Depth analysis of the New Nintendo 3DS XL Screens aside, the biggest news we found in system power. Contrary to what is often routinely performed at reviews on Nintendo has opted to increase the power of your laptop for the system to move much more fluid and incidentally to accommodate more powerful games that are only available for new models. The processor has grown from two cores to have four, the RAM has been doubled up to 256mb, the GPU has also doubled its power and VRAM has gone from 6-10 MB.

The new processor opens the door to exclusive titles This means that the eShop downloads take less time to complete, like loading times of games and application are reduced. The system feels really fast, especially if we want to hang out with such demanding games for Super Smash Bros hardware where as it takes to load the game the old 3DS and we have won a battle if we play in New 3DS. Not to mention the console no longer resets each time we close the game.

That if, unlike what happens in Android and iOS games published so far work equally fluids in the original 3DS, except that those responsible take out a patch studies to optimize the game to new hardware. This means that, for example, Pokémon suffer the same drop frames to enable 3D in combat suffering in the original 3DS. This does not mean that it will not be fragmented, since Nintendo’s open season for those developers who wish to create more advanced games to squeeze the most of the new hardware.

So far only announced Xenoblade Chronicles that will be exclusive to the new hardware, but hopefully not the only one to arrive. Given that the game is a port of Wii, it would be strange to see that many of the exclusive games come from the same system (who does not like to take Metroid Prime, Super Mario Galaxy and Zelda Twilight Princess in your pocket?). Still, this does not mean that all future titles will be exclusive to the new console, I can not imagine many developers ignoring the more than 50 million users who have an Old 3DS / 2DS. What happen is that surely if all the games begin to take advantage of new controls that I mentioned earlier.

Depth analysis of the New Nintendo 3DS XL What moment if that will be exclusive to New 3DS is the Amiibo support the figures. It is thanks to the NFC chip that Nintendo has located below the touch screen can use our favorite figures in games like “Super Smash Bros”, “Codename STEAM” or “Ace Combat Assault Horizon Legacy +”. In his day he spoke of an NFC adapter for current 3DS, but has not heard from him since September, so if you want to use your Amiibos in 3DS no choice but to update.

Nobody will win a photo contest with your 3DS has also changed the storage system, which happens to use an SDHC card using a MicroSDHC card. While on one hand can be grateful not to have to pay the price of gold card by using a proprietary format (as if going on PsVita), many users who already had a 3DS have to checkout if 4 GB included do not suffice. The change is a step forward, but the new location could be considered a step back. And is that being accessible after a small hatch on the side of the console, the card has moved to below the casing New 3DS what we supposed to grab a screwdriver (Phillips size 0). Complicating slightly make transfer our old 3DS to new.

In this sense, it is a nice touch that Nintendo has included the ability to transfer music and photos between your console and your PC (currently no support for Mac) wirelessly through a WiFi connection.

Finally, Nintendo has decided it was time to “improve” cameras of your laptop, but I honestly do not think anyone will win no photo contest with your 3DS. The sensor still has the same 0.3-megapixel resolution (680×480) but it has improved its performance in low light. While the goal of Nintendo is using cameras in games and augmented reality apps no longer a major shortcoming. The console itself has a very funny way they can get us photos featuring characters from Nintendo by AR cards, but the fun ends as we see the photos outside the 3DS.7.5Si instead of Nintendo it was Apple who have launched this console we are talking about it as a model S, or what is the same; refined and improved version of the original model without assuming a revolution is a significant step forward. Both the New 3DS XL, as his little sister, are not a new generation (despite having exclusive games) but neither are a simple paint and body work. Proof of this are the new 3D display, improved processor and new controls.

There may be many users do not have enough to upgrade (especially the owners of the 3DS XL) reasons, but those who do is not going to be disappointed. Today New 3DS XL is the best 3DS has made to date Nintendo and, why not say, should have been the 3DS went on sale in 2010. The 3D experience is better than ever. – The new processor significantly reduces waiting times. – The new controls are more than bienvenidos.- not included charger. – The stylus has gone from being in the right place to a much more uncomfortable, not to mention it’s shorter. – At the date of publication of this analysis few games take advantage of the new controls. – The name “New” is really confusing


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