Depth analysis of the Xiaomi Piston 3: the best cheap headphones in the world?

Xiaomi Piston 3

I have had the opportunity to test a few days the successors of the popular Xiaomi 2. Piston born under the premise to solve the faults of his predecessors and create a much more rounded product. Have they succeeded? We live together with our smartphone and almost everything we used to do on our computer we do now with it. The Xiaomi Piston two met many requirements to become very popular as headphones for your smartphone : have good sound quality, isolated from the outside sound correctly, has playback controls and, especially, are very cheap .

Xiaomi the startup China has gone from nowhere to become one of the largest manufacturers of smartphone market share in the world, is famous for constantly invest in startups that can manufacture accessories very low price with a substantially superior quality to competition as the company is dedicated to manufacturing smartphones, TVs and routers. They emphasize their headphones and powerbanks.

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The Xiaomi Piston 2 are the recommend headphones , almost daily via Twitter, to all who ask me about Cheap Headphones, In-Ear quality and playback controls to your smartphone . Following the announcement of the new version and its beautiful redesign, with promises to fix small bugs in version 2.0, the hype began to grow in the specialized forums and social networks.

I have had the opportunity to try a few days connected to an iPhone. As always in Hypertext I have the following considerations when evaluating headphones:

  • Design and build quality
  • Comfort
  • Sound Quality
  • isolation

Depending on the type of headphones give more or less weight to different factors . In headphones In-Ear consider all factors important as they are an item that we carry with us and everyone will see, whose comfort is crucial to do not bother us when running or when walking towards our work and whose isolation is crucial in travel and busy streets. The sound quality is what I value most, but if headphones are not comfortable and resistant not recommend for extensive use in mobility .

started. ## Design, quality materials and comfort


I opened the box and there it was. A packaging very far Apple as they say, in a good way. Well presented in a clear plastic box with headphones as protagonists. Further including 4 pairs of pads sizes XS, S, M and L with a very nice texture. The headphones are wearing pads size M which are what I used.

The design is very good. Do not look cheap headphones . They are small, discreet and elegant. Almost all of them is made of plastic aluminum unlike the previous version. Something really, but miss the “feeling” comfort benefits as we shall see. The brushed metal finish and details is very accomplished and gives a distinctive touch.


cable is very thin. I worry. But it’s just fine that the power almost all cheap headphones, and is still lined fabric which supposedly well look better, help avoid tangling both in our pockets. The playback controls and volume are finished properly and have moved to the right side of the cable, being in a position close to our mouths. Employees buttons are decent and have a good tactile feel, but are far from the EarPods controls.

The headphones are comfortable . I would say are the most comfortable in-ear headphones I’ve tried, angled design seems a success and the big problem was with the Xiaomi Piston 2, the metal touched the ear and even made them to move is solved. Also you can take inversely with the cable above the ear so that we do not fall when running. Although I’ve tried the conventional way and have not moved one iota. For convenience I put October 1.

What I am not convinced it is the build quality. That is, in design and comfort me look like and convincing but due to its low price, potential failures with just a look. The connector gives the feeling of not tolerate much suffering . I have not had any problems yet, but that is with the passage of time, obviously. ## Sound Quality

When the review of the headphones into a smile on my face was announced. Xiaomi promised a sound more neutral in the Piston 2 after a refinement in the construction of the drivers. That is, the profile V of the Piston 2 serious too protagonists and treble highlighted with media in the background, would become a much more balanced balance.

  • I tried the Xiaomi Piston 3 on my iPhone 6 listening to Jazz, Flamenco, classical music and even podcast before bedtime. I gave that I use in my day to Shure SE215 that currently use daily.

The first impression I had to try was lacking serious , perhaps because he expected that the promise was not neutral sound to comply. is a serious losing prominence regarding Xiaomi Piston 2 , but still very well defined and responding more to correctly and quickly. It is a good serious, even more so for headphones under $ 15, but I fear that for many is “insufficient”. Still a fantastic severe compared to low “boomy” we can find in headphones this price range or higher as they are emphasizing too EarPods means low frequency and low making it a warm and mellow sound deficient in defining and serious songs fast.

Media are much better defined than in the Piston V3. Remain to be protagonists of the soundstage, but are not as backward as before . Furthermore win in detail. The female vocals and acoustic guitars sound so much better . It is a medium that extends pretty good addition

We turn the treble. They are crystalline, with great definition and extension for headphone low price. Are smoothed , ie, they are not analytical or anything headsets will be the most resolute but I like a lot for long listening. acute Son who have to please a wide audience and I think I have managed .

Source: Xiaomi
Source: Xiaomi

In some In-Ear equally or more important than the sound quality is isolation. Although usually I come affected by the comfort of it. That is, they are more comfortable, less isolated. In the case of Xiaomi Piston 3 insulation is more than enough and I have not had any problems . Unless other headphones isolate and perhaps, some users have problems with this section. Unless specific situations I do not think it’s a paste.

The only problem is that high impedance of 32ohm (compared with headphones In-Ear) attached to non headphones better insulated, you can have to increase volume more than what you used to do with other headphones.

Glow in Rock and Metal where its defined and fast grave and acute smoothed make fantastic for this genre in my opinion and tastes. I think they fall short of serious threats to rap and electronic music. Jazz and classical music are defended, but become perceptible its shortcomings and always makes me want to go back to other senior headphones. Its soundstage is small and all sound inside your head like all headphones of this type, instrumental separation is quite correct.

The sound I like better than their predecessors. But not say it’s better, is a more neutral different timbre and sound profile . If you like V headphones with sound, treble and bass players, you will like plus Piston 2. The two headsets are more than decent in this section considering its low price.

I tried to call and talk on the mic . The audio is OK , but because of how light is the cable is easier than the person on the other end of the line cord hear those blows against your clothes.

8The Xiaomi Piston 3 are much more comfortable and have a more neutral sound balance , but are no clear improvement in sound quality with respect to the Xiaomi Piston 2. That is, if you already have the Piston 2 Xiaomi and do not cumbersome and sound in a “V” pleases you may find new headphones as a step backwards.

However, if you want a headset with controls Smartphone, In-Ear and economic, think these Xiaomi Piston 3 are the reference when comparing for months . They are very comfortable, the design is carefully include silicones in 4 sizes, insulate properly and are very economical.

Los recommend without hesitation one iota, have a very good sound and I’m sure it will not disappoint almost anyone. The problem is that, having heard the Xiaomi Piston 2 Piston Xiaomi these three have failed to impress me. Improve, but do not make a revolution . Something I can not complain because of its low price and I believe that improvement comes in the field more complaints raised in its users. Comfort

The only problem I see Xiaomi Piston 3 is your sound profile is closer to please those who by definition, clarity and neutral sound headphones to the general public used to a great emphasis on bass and midrange care. A taste of course.

  • The unit has been assigned by Geekbuying for it was one of the first to try and share a review. It is a store that I recommend for your personal attention and send 100% original Xiaomi headphones. Look before you buy and that copies flood the network as happened with the Xiaomi Piston 2. * They are much more comfortable than Xiaomi Piston 2.
  • Attractive and well built despite its low price .
  • Controls smartphone.
  • sound more neutral. * The sound is different from the Piston 2 not necessarily better.
  • The cable is very thin and there are several points that may fail.
  • You must use reliable shops to find copies as the Xiaomi Piston 2.


Depth analysis of the Xiaomi Piston 3: the best cheap headphones in the world?
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April 20, 2015

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