Design a bed that assesses quality of sleep during the break

Researchers from the University of Granada have designed a bed to assess the quality of sleep during the break, which is reliable in any position, height, and weight of the subject without the need to connect a device or cable.The project SensoBed has been launched by the research group Ecsens of the UGR and the Chair of research of the Dream, UGR-As Monaco of the Research Center of Mind, Brain and Behavior (CIMCYC) and its objective is the development of a comprehensive system for measuring the quality of the dream, using non-invasive sensors integrated into the mattress.The user will not have to use any type of attachment or connection during sleep, not interfering thus in the position or movements of the night of the same.Only controlling the system using an app on your mobile phone, you could obtain information about the stages of sleep, time of sleep, if you had an episode of apnea or activity.The obtaining of information is done with the measurement of various physiological parameters and said development is being validated by clinical techniques of reference is used routinely for medical studies of sleep disturbances.Another of the principal features of the designed device is its reliability in any position of the subject and for a wide range of individuals, since it has the possibility of calibrated automatically for different weights and heights, giving the system a great versatility.The quality of rest during sleep is a parameter of well-being which affects very significantly the quality of life and health.The lack of sleep or its poor quality is the source of numerous diseases, both physical and psychic, and even in mild degree it is very common to experience lack of energy that you have after an inadequate rest.Precisely, in order not to disturb this quality of dream are very interesting solutions for monitoring non-invasive, that is to say, those in which does not require any connection on the user, has informed this Tuesday the UGR.The research team Ecsens, after the selection of the most appropriate sensors for this application, has been designed a system of electronic portable that makes processing analog and digital signals received from such sensors embedded in the mattress to determine the parameters of interest.This system miniaturized that, given their small size, it may also be integrated into the mattress, is configured, and transmits the information through an application on the mobile phone with a highly intuitive user interface.
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Design a bed that assesses quality of sleep during the break
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December 10, 2019

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