Destiny 2.0 and The King of the Possessed, what has changed?

Destiny 2.0 and The King of the Possessed, ¿ what has changed?

With King of the Possessed just around the corner analyze what are the main changes we will see in Destiny

A year later, Activision and Bungie continue with its ambitious plan to create one of the most important and long-lived in the history of video game franchises. After a controversial launch in 2014, this September touches like the first major expansion of Destiny , dubbed King Possessed. If you want to know what will change and what will come to Destiny during these weeks, read on.

What changes come for everyone with Destiny 2.0?

This great sunset daily came a few days makes a heavy patch ranging from 10GB PS3 and Xbox 360 to 18 in PS4 and Xbox One. It should be noted that far from adding content, beyond the new voice our spectrum, this update focuses on changing many aspects of the original Destiny. Of course, everyone original Destiny player who has not acquired the two DLC released so far, see how maps us comment as relevant.

Beginning with the basics, Destiny 2.0 It has completely changed the way you level up . We can now reach level 34 (maximum level until it reaches 40 with the king of the possessed) getting experience by killing monsters and playing any mission or assault, as did up to level 20 in the original game. The use of light is now directed to illustrate the power of our equipment, increase as we get better weapons and / or armor, and working as a guide of our power and our enemies.

Destiny TTK 4

This update has also been one of the major goals make life easier for the player ; storage space in the tower bends reaching 72 spaces, extra space has been added for secondary items such as shaders or skins of ships and hummingbirds (our team will be filtering by rarity, level or DLC to match), we can have up to 32 active missions and 16 contracts, being able to complete them without having to travel to the Tower.

New how to level up weapons and changes in the economy and the interface

The weapons, of course, have also received a good portion of changes. Perhaps most obvious it is the work of balance, having set damage virtually all existing (downward overwhelmingly) weapons . The perks of each weapon have been redesigned to further influence the way we play, noticing more the differences between them and other weapons.

The tweaks have also come to the economy , adding the legendary Ensigns to replace the currencies of PvE and PvP. They will be used to buy weapons and equipment of any faction and, in relation to these, our faction level will be shared among all of our guards.

 Destiny TTK 3

Last but not least, we find a small facelift to certain aspects of the user interface and how Destiny shown: we can choose whether to go with or without a helmet in social areas, the option to skip scenes video and attributes of intelligence, strength and discipline are represented more clearly, is added as refresh times (cooldown) of different skills .

What adds King of the possessed?

It will not be until next September 15 with the arrival of the new expansion, when we see new content on Destiny. And, unlike in the expansions previous seems that many added that Bungie has worked over the last year.

Most logical and obvious in this great expansion content will be added. He spoke of a new arc that promise from Bungie, double the length of that seen in the expansions released so far: our search for Oryx, the King of the Possessed, may lead around six hours .

And if a review is wielded against Destiny at launch was to have catastrophically a terrible history, wasting the created universe. We do not know if history will be deeper or more interest but from Bungie have endeavored to make it clear that have given a few turns to fiction from its title and, from now on, we will have more and better. Even some side quests chains whose ultimate goal will be to inform about events and facts of the world we live in will be added.

history best told, subclasses, assaults, and new incursion many weapons

And of course, reach new assaults in which run into new bosses, new gameplay mechanics through. And yes, like many eager, there is a new raid (or raid) designed which labyrinth and that, they say, will be the largest and most complex of the created to this day today. As for multiplayer, new maps and modes will make an appearance at the Crucible .

The way we play will change as other major additions are the new subclasses game characters. quiebrasoles for Titan Stormcaller for the Sorcerer and Acechanieblas for Hunter

 Destiny TTK 2

When it comes to equipment, special items like a sword as the main weapon used or the inclusion of perks in the class objects as layers or tapes are added. The same applies to the different cases for our spectrum, giving small advantages as gain more experience death.

Finally, access content from The King of the Possessed require a minimum level of 25 ; with an object called Spark of light we can increase the power of our character automatically to this minimum to enjoy the new content without having to spend hours leveling up. It should be remembered, finally, that the king of the Possessed take the maximum level to 40.

Will it be enough?

With a polished and fun core gameplay, Destiny made waters what content and narrative terms, giving the impression of being in a empty game and wasted at all levels , which the first two (and succinct) expansions no finished.

Although a year later, it appears that from Bungie have been aware of everything that was wrong and Destiny have sought to remedy via corrections major update of Destiny 2.0 or additions to the nearby expansion of the Possessed King.

It is too early to judge but because Hopefully the changes and additions are sufficient to revitalize the faithful community that takes months with Destiny and attract anyone reluctant to take their first steps in the universe created by Bungie.

E l Rey Possessed of it come next September 15 to a (high?) ​​price of 40 €. More juicy is the offer for that start, can be the Legendary Edition, which includes the title, the two expansions released to date and the king of the Possessed, priced 60 €. Do you think back to Destiny? Tell us in the comments!


Destiny 2.0 and The King of the Possessed, what has changed?
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September 11, 2015

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