Did the Magi come in powered scooter or prefer the hunter hoverboard?

The scooters electric are already the bread our of every day. Is a gift star from a couple of years ago and this 2019 we have seen how the rental companies of these Vehicles Personal Mobility (PMV) appeared by all the cities like mushrooms in autumn.Such has been the force that has burst, after the insistence of local councils, government agencies and various citizen groups, the Directorate General of Traffic has already issued a new provisional instruction that affects them directly. And, although they may look like a toy, this new regulation establishes fines of up to a thousand euros if not used properly.But not only the scooters electric are highly prized these days shopping, their cousins, the hunter hoverboard are also one of those whims technology that usually appear quite frequently in the holiday list of wishes.With penalties or without them, these green vehicles they are so funny and defendants that up to priests leave the mass to go for a walk in them.We tell you the differences between other for you to choose your gift from the Magi.Regardless of whether you prefer one or the other, perhaps more important is that the product has the certificate of safety: UL-2272 (USA) or SGS (Europe). Other specifications such as the load time, speed peak, autonomy or weight are also very relevant and a differential factor.And also remember that, in the end, you’re buying a technological product, so that it would be interesting to contases with warranty, for if something breaks down or stops working as it should. For this reason we recommend that you choose models marketed officially in Spain.In the first place, physically, a scooter differs from a hunter hoverboard mainly in that account with a handlebar. In addition, even though both have two wheels, the powered scooter has a front and rear, while the hunter hoverboard have the two placed in parallel. This seems somewhat obvious, but it’s good to get in position.In the second place, let’s talk about the usage: the sad reality is that, on many occasions, we acquired this kind of products then they are left catching dust in a wardrobe or forgotten in a storeroom. The scooters are easier to drive than the hunter hoverboard, mainly because it is more difficult to keep your balance in these last few years. This can be conducive that you leave parked in the hunter hoverboard after the first day of play in the park with your kids or with your nieces and nephews.In third place: what do I want the vehicle? Certainly if, as we said, what you want as a whim to ‘make indian’ with the kids of the house, the hunter hoverboard is without a doubt a lot more fun. However, if you’re going to use for the long haul, in most cases, it is perhaps more useful -and more comfortable – a scooter.And in fourth and last place, you know the key of your driving. On a scooter you only have to move the handlebar towards the direction you want to go, and ready -but eye, gradually, without sudden movements-. In a hunter hoverboard all depends on your body, you need to lean carefully toward the direction you want to go, keeping the balance, because but you will make a visit to the ground! In summary, we propose the three fundamental aspects that insurance will want to know when to buy a VMP.Price: in general, the hunter hoverboard tend to be more economic and can be found for about 200 euros, while the scooters electrical they deserve to not drop below 300 euros -which could reach up to almost a thousand euros in some cases-.Load time: skates -depending on the model and the range of economic – may take time to load between 2 and 8 hours; while the hoverboards can be fully charged in just 2 or 3 hours. While you can continue using the scooter if it is just the battery, just how to motivate with the foot.Autonomy: a hunter hoverboard -again, depending on the model and range – can stand a 15km route with one single charge, while with a scooter you could get to travel up to 30km.And if you do decide, you can always choose a Segway as these Magi modern version millennial of Bethlehem:
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Did the Magi come in powered scooter or prefer the hunter hoverboard?
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December 30, 2019

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