Discover Easter eggs or Easter Eggs in Google Hangouts. Try them!


Google always surprises us with something, and though its new messaging application does not work very well , if you have bothered to put the Easter Egg . You know those funny things curiosities or that incorporates Google at all (or most) of what it does. This year, it seems that the ponies (specifically My Litte Pony) have a special role. You’ll see.

Easter Eggs in Google Hangouts

I do not want to deprive them of the surprise yourselves. Here are the instructions:

 easter_hangout As you can see, there are several to try . Those that are specified as Local, only work in your chat window, the remaining work for all those who are in the same chat you. So it seems, are only available for the desktop version and Google Chat +. For now not available from Gmail or from the mobile app . A real shame.

If you got it or you do not have Google+ account to see how they are. And the Android app, in case you have not yet.

Watch the video

Application on Google Play

I know what ‘re thinking, Google could have devoted more time to improve application (at least for now) instead of adding jokes. But what we can not do is not seize now that we know.

However, experience tells us that Google often get their products almost always in Beta and over the time is improving steadily to exceptional levels. Do not look at anyone.

Bonus: Find Alex at the Google I / O


Google also launched an application to find a puppy virtual Alex, who hides in the Moscone Center in San Francisco. This should be read by NFC some stickers with an Android Detective as above for all the Google I / O. As you can see, there are plenty things that entertained when Google involved. Here is the application, but do not help if you are not there … Sniff: (

Application on Google Play

But we become depressed, have written / ponystream chat and already happened to me.’s … mesmerizing . What do you think you, the Easter Egg Hangouts? Have you found any others?

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Discover Easter eggs or Easter Eggs in Google Hangouts. Try them!
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May 17, 2013

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