Discover OnePlus One inside, iFixit disassembled


is recognized by iFixit disassembled the devices and analyze each of its components meticulously . They have a scoring system that rates the terminals by repairability. This time they have achieved a OnePlus One Let’s see what their internal components to detail and all images that have left us.

We will advance the score was 5 out 10 , which when compared to the HTC One M8 2 is not bad. Also equals a hurry that just won the S5, a terminal that has always been the standard-bearer of removable components look as we see is not directly proportional to its repairability.

One of the positives is that screws are unpatented , so it can be easily obtained without resorting to the manufacturer. We also have the main components can be easily disassembled and that the back cover is removable .

However once we see the internal body OnePlus One, we see l battery is not easy to remove . Let alone the screen that comes with integrated digitizer and must be removed together, which ultimately greatly hinders their repairability.

Internal Components

Come to do a review of the internal components and their individual manufacturers. Stresses that processor is red battery so striking that surprisingly is rather LiPo Lithium Ion , so that comparisons with other batteries are in doubt.

  • Samsung K3QF7F70DM-QGCF LPDDR3 3GB RAM
  • Qualcomm Snapdragon 801

  • MSM8974AC
  • Qualcomm chip WCD9320 audio
  • LiPO 3100mAh nonremovable battery
  • AGD2 2402 WX9DR gyroscope
  • THGBMBG9D8KBAIG Toshiba 5.0 64GB eMMC internal storage
  • Skyworks SKY77629-21 Power Supply
  • Qualcomm WCN3680 802.11ac/FM/BT 4.0
  • WTR1625L Qualcomm RF transmitter
  • Skyworks SKY85709 WLAN
  • Synaptics control S3508A touch screen

As we see, Qualcomm is the provider of most of the components. No more I let the pictures taken by iFixit and wonder to what extent there has been a great job building with OnePlus One Looking good and have good chips and generally committing sins repairability are common in the competition too.

 OnePlus-one-for-in-1  OnePlus-by-one-in-2  OnePlus-by-one-in-3  OnePlus-by-one-in-4  OnePlus-one-by-within-5  OnePlus-one-by-within-6  OnePlus-by-one-in-7  OnePlus-by-one-in-8  OnePlus-by-one-in-9 OnePlus-by-one-in-10 OnePlus-by-one-in-11 OnePlus-by-one-in-12 OnePlus-by-one-in-14 OnePlus-by-one-in-15 OnePlus-by-one-in-16

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Discover OnePlus One inside, iFixit disassembled
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June 18, 2014

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