Do beach or mountain? Don’t let the activity this summer with the best apps for sport


  • Surfing, diving, fishing… are just some of the activities that you can do this summer.
  • These applications will help us to practice sport on holiday.


Whether in a team or individually, the summer is the perfect time to plunge into the sea and enjoy a variety of activities and sports which at other times are more complicated. the mountain, although without snow, it can also be a perfect place to spend a good time while doing exercise.

Is the hour of the waves

Dare and get ready for aquatic adventure. Feels the sea breeze in the face to the gliding on a good wave. The surf, kiteboarding windsurfing gather all of this to spend a great day of fun.

Wisuki Google Play and AppStore

Is an application with which you’ll be able to analyze the forecasts with a great level of detail, reports on the state of the weather, the waves, the wind, or a tidal, so it is perfect for to find the best places to enjoy the surfing, kitesurfing or windsurfing in any part of the coast.

Menu inside the app Wisuki

Glassy pro -Google Play and AppStore-

Measure and evaluate your workouts, compare them with those of your friends and share them, if you want, in social networks. You’ll find a community of more than 200.000 surfers. In addition, it has more than 13,000 spots (points where surf) around the world, and you will receive information on the weather to prepare for a perfect day on the beach.

Menu inside the app Glassy Pro

what’s the bottom of the sea?

With these applications you can immerse yourself and discover for yourself the same what is hidden by the giant blue.


With DiveApp you can locate easily and comfortably diving centres, specialty stores and travel diving. In addition, you will have access to a wide range of the best dive trips that you will be able to contract directly with each agency, without intermediaries.

Dive Planner 2 -Google Play-

Is directed to the lovers of the diving, but, above all, to those who already have some experience. With it you can make some plans for the dive dive through the use of tables and formulas, relevant, in addition to calculate a number of parameters such as the no decompression limit, pressure and time of the total fund, among others.

Before eating fish there is to fish

If in the summer you like to do activities in the water, but more relaxed then you have to take a cane, a mini fridge and dedicate yourself to the noble art of fishing. Make sure, that yes, get the relevant license.

Fishbrain Google Play and AppStore

Is a community in which you’ll be able to share all your catches and view those of others. In addition, you’ll be able to search for fishing area that is closest to your tastes thanks to the filters of species, and forecasting. You can also create a team with friends and compete to see who wins. So do not hesitate, download a Fishbrain and your day will be perfect.

Menu inside the app Fishbrain

fishing Knots LiteGoogle Play and AppStore

Is an application aimed at the more novice as it picks up the different categories and uses of knots for fishing, accompanied by simple graphics shows us step by step how to make the knot necessary for every occasion.

Of the sea to the mountain

The mountain is another one of those ecenarios where in summer you can do a lot of activities (skiing, routes, climbing…), so you lace up the boots, put on sun cream and hit the side of the mountain. Yes, there will be a planning and applications that we now present are perfect for it.

Runtastic Mountain BikeGoogle Play and AppStore-

The bicyclists may register the paths that already do that the app measures the distance the slope you pass the rhythm calories burned… in Addition, thanks to the maps function off-line you can use the maps without internet connection and enjoy the roads more remote.

Naturapp hiking trailsGoogle Play and AppStore-

Is an application designed for the nature lovers, with it you can discover trails that take you to incredible places all over the country. Offers guides to where to watch the tour thanks to an interactive map with which you can see your position and major points of interest thanks to the GPS of your phone. If you purchase the premium option you can also enjoy all of the guides to off-line.

Menu inside the app Naturapp

Climbing -Google Play and AppStore-

The climbers need to know in what areas of the country can be made good uphill, that’s why this application offers the necessary information to discover the best ways. Presents each area with a tab which includes: its quality and importance, the type of climbing, the equipment rock orientation of the walls, the maximum height and average of the pathways, how to get… it Also gives the possibility to download the sketch of sectors or the whole climb, to know the opinion of other climbers and collaborate interactively.


Do beach or mountain? Don’t let the activity this summer with the best apps for sport
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