Do we need ‘killer robots’? A campaign calls on the UN to end the development of these weapons

what we Want Terminator real? do you Need the humanity robots independent, powerful, and murderers? The questions accumulate. We need them or not, what do the robots soldiers are going to be a reality? Will you be able to decide? But will they be able to do it?All of these questions, and many others, is triggered when we know that we’re talking about something that can be real in few years. It is what makes a global coalition consisting of 130 nongovernmental organizations, who fears the worst and that has requested the United Nations to the development of these “weapons”.The international campaign to stop ‘killer robots’ (Campaign to Stop Killer Robots) is supported by tens of countries. Have led to the UN a request for negotiated a treaty that prohibits them, by considering them as autonomous weapons able to operate without instructions of a human.For NGOS, the lack of response on the part of the international community is allowing technology companies and a small group of countries move ahead without obstacles in the development of these ‘killer robots’. “We believe that pass the threshold of what is acceptable and therefore should be banned,” says campaign coordinator, Mary Wareham, of Human Rights Watch.Although the countries of the UN discuss the matter for years in Geneva in the framework of the Convention on Certain Conventional Weapons, for now there is no type of regulation on the issue. Therefore, the campaign seeks to promote a treaty prohibiting these weapons and seen to be necessary to increase the pressure on Governments to agreeing to it.“The vast majority of countries want to move forward and launch negotiations, but are being held back by the countries (…) that are more advanced”. The more “problematic”, as said, are Russia and the united States, but also are investing in “killer robots” nations such as China, South Korea, Israel and, pending confirmed, Turkey and Iran.”The world could enter in a race arms robotics destabilizing”, have been alerted. In addition, the autonomous weapons “lack human judgment necessary to evaluate the proportionality of an attack”, and may cause problems in the search responsible for their acts before justice.The organizers have selected as an image to the robot ‘David Wreckham’. Made of pieces of old frying pans and the motor of an electric chair, was the mascot of the television program of fighting between the machines Robot Wars, the BBC, issued from 1998 and which was canceled last year.The initiative, originating in the year 2012, and has the support of recognized experts as the High Representative of the UN for Disarmament Affairs, Izumi Nakamitsu, and the professor american winner of the Nobel Peace Prize 1997, Jody Williams, an activist against anti-personnel landmines and cluster bombs.
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Do we need ‘killer robots’? A campaign calls on the UN to end the development of these weapons
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October 22, 2019

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