Do you have a pet at home? Discover these four accessories (discounted) for it

It is many years since the pets became one of the most Spanish households. Dogs, cats, and other species filled with joy and affection, thousands of households in Spain, which is why many owners decide to spare no expense when purchasing new accessories for your pets.These are four product, which, discounted in some cases up to 50%, you can choose to gift your pet.With two containers made of stainless steel, it is resistant to heat and corrosion. Two bowls, of 400ml capacity, they are perfect for hot and cold meals, and are made thinking of the health of your pet. The mat-to-eat, made of silicone, not only prevents the food from spilling, also prevents the troughs from sliding and scratching your floor. Pecute offers a one year warranty.

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The seat cover for dogs Fityou is designed for two and three seats. It also offers two designs of seats and when you flush the toilet, the armrests can be lowered. Three seats are designed to raise the zipper and hang the strip on the headrest of the vehicle. The combination of high-quality cotton gives your pet a comfortable during the ride and protects the car seat so that it does not scratch the legs. The size of the cover of the car seat is 54″x 49″. It doesn’t matter that the space between the seats to be slightly more narrow or wider, can be adjusted with the strip of the headrest.
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Two additional packages of ion exchange resin in each filter replacement. With a filter, water softening double-action for the resin Exchange + Active Carbon, you can filter dirt effectively. The filter lasts longer and requires less frequent changes than the charcoal filters normal. In addition, it can help to remove the impurities and ensures that only the fresh water is available for the cat.
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Leaving aside the four-footed animals, the fish lovers also have their space on this list. This panel lighting has four models of wireless remote control, which can be used in fish tanks, cisterns, rocky outcrops, cages for pets, etc, The design, easy of use and humanized, makes it pretty easy to install the light.
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Do you have a pet at home? Discover these four accessories (discounted) for it
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November 16, 2019

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