Do you know the Gmail labels? This is the best way to organize your inbox

Many times you will have passed that you need to quickly find an old email and there is no way to bear with him… or that you have a lot of mixed messages and do not know where he belongs to each one. itGmail has the solution to your problems! If you are looking for a inbox more organized that the floor of Monica Geller Google is your mail service ideal.The tags are very handy to have your inbox perfectly organized when you get a lot of emails every day. This is especially so if for example you use Gmail in a professional manner. The email manager Google you would use this classification to group messages of the same customer or the same project.When you want to classify a e-mail, enters the same from the inbox or from the folder in which is-. Just above the case are a series of icons, and one of them is the symbol of the Gmail labels, as in the example shown here:Some of the labels that come by default in the service are ‘Social’, ‘Forums’ or ‘Promotions’, but Gmail lets you create as many as you want simply by typing in the word or words that you want to assign to the tag and clicking on ‘Create tag’.The created label will appear in the drop-down menu of Gmail located to the left -the list of folders of ‘Inbox’, ‘Sent’, ‘Trash’, etc – and from there you can modify certain aspects, such as the name, the color and the way in which it shows in the same menu via the three dots vertical that appear next to the label.In the side menu of the left you can also directly create the tags at the bottom: just click on ‘New label’.This little trick of organization is also very useful if you have a Gmail account from long ago and has become a ‘catch-all’ in which there are emails from work, your family, your girlfriend, your friends, your personal website… it will be the best option to not go crazy between the mishmash.what if I want to delete the label of a e-mail? Very easy: enter the message and, again, in the top right hand side of the case you will see the label assigned to it -as well as other default that is the folder that contains it-. Simply click on the cross to remove the tag.
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Do you know the Gmail labels? This is the best way to organize your inbox
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December 21, 2019

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