Do you want to park for WhatsApp? These are the five best ‘apps’ alternatives

WhatsApp turned ten last February and ended the year 30.5 million Spanish users entering the application from any device at least once a month, positioning Spain as the ninth country in the world with a greater number of users of the app messaging.

Is it possible to escape the clutches of this ‘green giant’? Yes, there is life beyond the service of instant messaging property of Facebook. We know that it is difficult to swim against the current, but if you’re looking for an alternative to WhatsApp, here we tell you which are the best.

A one of the most popular and well-known and the first that appeared. During any stage even some came to fear that Telegram could make shadow to WhatsApp. To use it you need to verify your number with a security code. What’s best: safety and speed. The worst thing: separate you from your competition 1.300 million users -200 versus the 1,500 – and, being a app of messaging, a lot of people are connected it seems to be important.

One of the most striking features are the ‘Chats Secrets’, where we encrypted our message and self-destruct after spending the time that we specify, something that has so much success that now has copied WhatsApp.

Line appeared in 2011 and also grew as a the foam in its infancy. With its fun interface and a few packages of ren still in use today as a merchandising, Line conquered the hearts of many -especially during that brief period in which WhatsApp decided that his app out of payment. His air and tone asian -you have up to a section of games – are of the things most valued. It also uses a verification code.

With a complete integration into the rest of your devices and with the Suite of Google. With Hangouts you can send messages and make calls to phone numbers using a data connection -with a spectacular quality-. Even if it comes pre-installed in phones Android, still there are very few users that use this service.

Messenger is the instant messaging system of Facebook -as Facebook, not as WhatsApp which is owned by Facebook-. is Is separate from the application although they are related. Its use is like any other of the above, but in addition it has mini-games and ‘States’.

Is the messaging application for excellence in China, where it comes from. It is very similar to WhatsApp and, however, does not enjoy the same popularity. Although it is a app very complete, its main disadvantage is that you need another person for the verification of security.

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Do you want to park for WhatsApp? These are the five best ‘apps’ alternatives
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January 28, 2020

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