Does it make sense for Apple to bring iMessage Android?

Does it make sense for Apple to bring iMessage Android?

Why Apple become one of the main reasons to buy an iPhone for many of its customers, and offer it free to your competitors?

recently we commented as services were already the second source of revenue for Apple , and we distinguished between services that were monetized directly as iTunes, Apple Music, etc. which can be ported to other platforms as “showcase” of Apple.

There is also a second group of mixed services that get revenue directly, and also add value to the products, such as Apple Pay, App Store, iCloud, iBooks, etc.

And finally, diferenciábamos other services that add value to their products as Siri, iMessage or FaceTime. Are specific services that distinguish your hardware competition, and are not monetized by Apple in any way.

Type Services
monetized iTunes, Apple Music
Differentiators Siri, iMessage, FaceTime
Mixed Apple Pay, App Store, iCloud, iBooks

Green Bubble Racism

Being honest, iMessage platform is a limited but extremely well integrated into the operating system. rumor to hit Android in the WWDC has sparked speculations and possibilities.

Unlike Apple Music on Android , iMessage is not within the monetized platforms by Apple.

iMessage costs money to Apple, and does not draw direct service revenue, revenues come directly from margin extra benefits that Apple can ask your customers when you sell an iPad / iPhone / Mac with iMessage installed.

iMessage is the center of a war of implicit classes among iPhone users and the rest

the Apple messaging service is so ingrained in societies like the US, to be a green bubble is frowned upon. A green bubble is like Apple represents iMessage replies SMS sent from a generally an Android non-Apple terminal, to differentiate the native blue.

This is what is considered informally as racism green bubble , and is a very powerful socio-economic force Apple has created . Owners of iPhones come to despise those who respond with green bubble, which over time, has become a real struggle originated classes in the price differential terminals Apple against the rest.

hidden Reasons


That Apple is giving more and more priority to their services is the key to understanding the possible reasons. iMessage could become a platform outside the iPhone, brings together services like FaceTime, Siri or even Apple Pay. iMessage could go in that direction, like Messenger or WeChat are platforms that offer much more than simple communication between people.

If the war messaging platforms ends up being as important as predicted, Apple find an underused tool battle. -llevándola To make it universal Android, web, or Windows- could put you at the center of a struggle that currently Facebook is gaining street with WhatsApp Messenger and globally, with clear regional winners and WeChat (China), Line ( Japan, Taiwan, Thailand), etc.

Apple could turn iMessage on a platform that combines Siri, FaceTime, Apple Pay and

But for this, Apple should make a decision in the short term does not make economic sense. lose sales of iPhones / iPad to people who would choose terminals competition if iMessage is already on its platform

Hence we ask: what would be the real plan behind such a move? GETTING increase sales with an integrated Apple Pay? Putting Siri in the hands of more users? Simply make showcase? Unlike Microsoft or Google, Apple would not see a direct benefit of putting their services on rival platforms.


Does it make sense for Apple to bring iMessage Android?
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June 10, 2016

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