Don’t miss out Suscriptions: the app to have under control your subscriptions to Netflix, Spotify, Amazon and others

don't miss Suscriptions: the app to have under control your subscriptions to Netflix, Spotify, Amazon and others

The services under subscription have come to stay: there are to videojuegos, revistas, series and up to applications for reading QR codes. Each one is different and therein lies the problem: remember to which you subscribed, how much you pay and when you have to pay again.

agreed, in most cases the subscription is monthly and is automatically charged on the credit card, but little by little you start to mix monthly subscriptions with annual or special offers, all makes a mess. How to fix it? With an app, of course.

Your subscriptions, under control

A person subscribes to Netflix, Amazon Prime and Google One. The first one is paid monthly, and the other two with an annual plan. How much is really being spent per month? It seems like a math problem elementary, and the difficulty gets higher as you add to the mix is more subscriptions with different pricing plans and conditions.

Suscriptions app is a simple serving of something as well as a portfolio of subscriptions. It is only for your own information and you could get the same thing with paper, pencil and patience, but the app will simplifies the process and, why not say it, it does so in a stylish way, with a nice interface and easy to use.

Subscriptions - Manage your regular expenses

Subscriptions – Manage your regular expenses

The app in itself is fairly simple, free, and not includes advertising, it occupies just 16 MB of storage (which is little for the days that run) and is compatible with Android 5.0 or higher. The only drawback possible is that it is not yet translated to Spanish, while it is easy to handle it even without having much idea of English.

First, add your subscriptions

In Suscriptions parts of a “blank canvas”, so the first thing you need to do is add your subscriptions to the app using the floating button. The form itself can be overwhelming on entry, but what is certain is that there are only two mandatory data that require your attention: the price and the name of the service.


Binding is also set if the subscription is daily, monthly or annual, if default is chosen monthly, which is most common. An extra flexibility is that you can choose the number of days, months or years manually.

If you want to use the payment reminders, you will need to choose when did you do the first payment, and optionally you can choose a color and add notes, labels, or the method of payment. This is useful if you want to remember which card you used in each service.

After, asústate to see the final result

Repeat the process for the rest of the subscriptions and when you are finished and be glad with the final result, in the main screen of the application. It is shown here that all subscriptions with the color you chose, with the advantage that you make the monthly payments or annuities in order to unify criteria. is Above all, it shows you the total amount.


With the buttons below, you can filter subscriptions as well as change the order of the same, according to name, price or date of the next payment, although the most interesting is the switch at the top right: with it, you can to toggle between a monthly or annual. In this way, you’ll be able to see at a glance the final amount of all these small monthly subscriptions that have been collected. And maybe scare you what you see.

If you want to, add reminders

Playing in any of the subscriptions that you added you can view its details. By this, the more details you include when you add it, the more useful you will be in a future when the review. From this section you can configure notifications with reminders, tapping on the bell icon.


These notifications are just as customizable as the rest of the application, and allow you to choose when you want to receive, at what time and with what message. The message is customizable, being able to use special codes to add details like the price or the name of the subscription.

In summary, if you have a lot of subscriptions and you want to have under control, Suscriptions is a great help. The app works really well, is agile and even includes advanced features such as a dark mode, support for different currencies (the numbers are automatically converted), or the backup of your data. All this, for free, no subscription.

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Don’t miss out Suscriptions: the app to have under control your subscriptions to Netflix, Spotify, Amazon and others
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July 25, 2019

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