DOOM, where classic and modern shake hands

DOOM, when the classical and the modern are given hand

the return of one of the most iconic franchises in history is just around the corner. We tested the beta of DOOM and you our impressions.

It referred, in our text on recent roguelike , the cyclical genres in the gaming industry . And the truth is that not only are genres that come and go, but also mechanical, approaches or atmospheres within each. For example, in the field of competitive FPS it went from the Second World War to current conflicts and hence we have recently jumped to the nearby (and almost always dystopian) future.

the first good news is that DOOM remains true to its roots

the same happened when hit outrun the competitive approach of classics like Doom, Quake or Unreal Tournament and began the reign of franchises like Halo or Call of Duty. But, like any fashion, everything ends up back sooner or later and are less than a month that the new Doom hit store shelves Hand own id Software, the company that invented the genre.

I could try a little of the previous closed beta and I’ve played in depth the open test will be available until February 18 . This preview version includes two game modes, Team Deathmatch and Warpath, playable in the Infernal and Caldera maps. Surprisingly, based on recent beta testing, the first contact with DOOM it was smooth and without any latency in games. The only minor detail achacable was to take too long, at times, to find a game to join.

 Doom 3

the first thing that draws attention while relieved, almost instantaneously, is to check that concessions in the gameplay to the current stream are fair and necessary . DOOM neither has nor needs the option of sprinting to have a faster pace, by default, a vast majority of shooters . That, by the hand of a exceptional level design and a double jump content (not talking about anything like Black Ops III or Halo) convert the mere fact move by mapping an essential part fun and strategy.

We will not find, yes, the bunny hopping , the strafe jumping or rocket jumping , complex mechanical motion of competitive FPS of yesteryear. Otherwise, the adjective that would define the experience in all these plays is pure hours . Maybe it’s something that ends away from becoming a massively multiplayer but forget gusting plays low, perks , hundreds of accessories for weapons or different character classes. To the delight of the players of the old school, DOOM I bet all the skill of the player .

id Software and Bethesda are aware that we are played in the 2016 and compete for a place with industry titans like Halo, Counter Strike, Call of Duty, Battlefield or the next Overwatch and Titanfall . They were added modifiers that function as small advantages duration limit: we see the health bar of the enemy, know the location of our murderer or come up with something shield for at most a couple of minutes

These modifiers thanks to a progression system in which resides the most modern game at the conceptual level . As in the vast majority of current FPS, we get experience points as our performance that will allow us to level up; each we increase reward us with multiple cosmetic objects (pieces of armor, paintings, design patterns, jokes …), with some of the modifiers mentioned and in particular levels, permanent unlock a weapon or a hole more in our arsenal customized.

aspects of customization, DOOM pecking in references such as Halo or Call of Duty

This is a concession to the modern approach to the FPS understood the best way , leaving almost everything in an aesthetic side (yes, all there like something out of the Halo franchise, lacking some personality). Thus, a game focuses on shoot, kill, look for life, shield and ammunition across the stage (as happened in many FPS classics) and, at certain points of the same, fight for Demonic Rune or “powerful weapon” of each map .

in the beta, these are named Revenant , a very quick demon and power lethal shot, and Gauss cannon , a weapon that only needs one shot to destroy the enemy. The weapon, needing some degree of skill of the player and have only four shots, not a big imbalance but, according to the time and the player, the devil can be a drastic change in the history of the game. It remains to be seen if id decide to take action on the matter and reduce slightly their power.


And again the purity of which we spoke, the arms again to go on that line. They are seven weapons that can be equipped in this beta. Doubts here are on the side of content ( eventually perhaps crave few ) and, above all, imbalances between them: some like the shotgun, rocket launcher or rifle pulses are tremendously effective and satisfactory while the two types of submachine not have much use. Anyway, and based on the findings, combining different weapons and go changing according to the situation (change of weapon shall take place with RB / R1 button before the trigger, it is no coincidence) is an absolute blast. Running for the map to load the power rifle static, shoot an enemy and instantly switch to the shotgun to deliver the coup de grace is priceless.

What the beta of DOOM presented is virtually flawless at all levels . It is a return to origins, with certain developments and changes , which does not please everyone but whose feeling and level of polish become frantic, visceral and, above all, tremendously fun experience. Clear the fears, doubts now have to do with the level of content and variety of the final game (it is known that there will be six different modes and nine maps but not how many weapons) and support id Software and Bethesda provide the project as error correction patches and roll and, in addition to the payment DLC already announced, possible free news for the community.


DOOM, where classic and modern shake hands
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April 17, 2016

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