Download and install Launcher Sailfish, now available for all Android 4.2 +


Jolla Phone is a device that already carries a time on the street, and one of their features is not used Android , but Sailfish OS .

Sailfish , to be a different system, my stuff has certain different to what we are used to in recent years. If we wanted to give Android a touch of Sailfish should wait until there is a port or a us but Jolla Phone .

A single user interface

jolla 1

The port option is not going to happen … so we have little choice … until now.

Thanks to the community, the Sailfish Launcher is available for Android and can experience Sailfish .

Launcher is compatible with any Android 4.2 or later and at first glance it seems that everything works as it should. Experience the launcher is exactly the same as a phone Jolla . We slide from the edges of the screen to go to the application drawer, lock screen and return to the previous screen

Watch the video

Normally we will not have navigation buttons and have the same Android .

We are in front of something worthwhile we test, if at any time we have a smartphone thinking Jolla is required if we try it or not do with the excuse to try a single interface. You like?

Sailfish Launcher.apk

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Download and install Launcher Sailfish, now available for all Android 4.2 +
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July 5, 2014

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