Download and install Z Launcher, the first Nokia App for Android

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The rapprochement between Nokia and Android looked very interesting since it came to light the first leaks of the Nokia X, although the movement seemed a bit odd especially since it had been bought by Microsoft and it is normal that the industry should focus on Windows Phone. However, Microsoft bought what was the business of the devices and services, and given the size of Nokia, several departments left out. One is that for years has developed software and other functions for your device and now released its first App for Android : Z Launcher

<. p> As you can guess by its name, Z Launcher is a new launcher for Google system which performs the same task as other known (as Apex, Nova, Go and others), can change radically phone interface. We’re used to seeing dozens of customization options in each launcher, but Z Launcher is the opposite: simple, clean and, say, different


What you see in the pictures is all that is shown. At the top we display the time, date and the next event in our agendas, and can click on each item to enter its corresponding App. At the bottom there are five shortcuts choice , as in most launchers, but where it really is different Z hits Launcher is occupying most of the screen.

That list of 6 elements is not fixed, but that varies during the day according to the Apps more we open, the more contacts you call or visit us more. Z Launcher learns as you use and therefore will adapt to how you use the phone to show some suggestions or other at the right time. Know what the Apps you use at work are not the same as Saturday night.

Okay, so you wonder, where other apps I have installed are Since there There is a mixed use applications, Z Launcher has a feature called “Scribble” which allows access to any app with only write the initial of his name anywhere on the screen. For example, if you go to Facebook, simply make a finger F and a list of apps, contacts and websites that correspond with that letter appears.

If Apps have many whose names begin with F, Z Launcher applies the same system, always gives preference to those that use the most . It works exactly like if instead of opening an app, you need to call someone or do an internet search.


Definitely a different system, but given the amount of existing launchers on Google Play is also necessary to differentiate a little. Currently Z Launcher is phase Pre Beta and can only be downloaded from your site , we will see how she goes to these developers creating apps for Nokia Android. Have you tried it? what you think ?.

Download Z Launcher

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Download and install Z Launcher, the first Nokia App for Android
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June 19, 2014

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