Download Carmageddon for Android – Free Release OFFER for 24 hours

One of the most anticipated games and controversial has come to Google Play. Carmageddon for Android is a reality, thanks to a launch promotion you can download for free for 24 hours!


Carmageddon came to Android

If you a follower of video games, you might remember Carmageddon , a famous title released in 1997 which in turn generated great controversy as it gave us points for running over people with cars. As I said, the game generated great controversy and was even censored version for Nintendo 64.


Well, 16 years after its release for PC, carmegeddon Android finally arrived a day earlier than planned. Now available in two versions. For those who do not know I tell them that it is a free driving game, where you have to run over pedestrians and cows to get points. The goal is to run over as many people as you can to get more points than your opponents.


Carmageddon presents realistic scenarios full of people running on the street. We have to use our car as Armay end the more people we can care for us from the police because if they catch us doing damage, will kill us.

Carmageddon offers 11 scenarios , 28 opponents, 36 violent levels in career mode, unlock 30 new cars and 27 special achievements.

OFFER: Free Promo Version for 24 hours

Carmageddon is available for download from Google Play at a price of 1.79 euros, but thanks to the fans, Stainless Games has released a special promo for 24 hours which is totally free ! This is a full version but you will not receive updates. This game requires Android 2.3.4 or later.


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Stainless Games Ltd
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Stainless Games Ltd
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Download Carmageddon for Android – Free Release OFFER for 24 hours
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May 10, 2013

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