Download Facebook Home for any Android APK

As I mentioned recently, the new Facebook Home is now available to download from Google Play. In AndroidZone also we brought the official APK . However, the application is supported only for a few devices and in a few countries. Want to enjoy the new device without limitation Home or region? Here I will show you how.

 Facebook Home Android

The new Home is a reality but for now only available in a few countries and supports a handful of end smartphones High: Samsung Galaxy S4, Galaxy S3, Galaxy Note 2, HTC One, One X One X + (plus HTC First of course), so the vast majority of users still can not access this application.

However, MoDaCo has just released a modified version of APK Facebook Home that allows you to use the app without any kind of restriction or device country.

Facebook Home 2  Facebook Home 1

Before installing Home you should make sure you have installed the latest version the app href=”” Facebook (katana) and Messenger (orca). Once you have installed both apps, you have to download the modified version of Home from the link below:

Download Facebook Home ROMraid (APK)

Once you’ve installed Facebook Home , you have to activate it from setting up Facebook.

If you’re using an unsupported device or do not have the option to activate Facebook Home, you uninstall Facebook, Messenger and Home, then install the new app from Facebook patched (katana), the new Messenger (orca) and the new app from Home -> Download (ROMraid).

Finally, log into Facebook, go to setup and get the option to activate Facebook Home.

If you have a Galaxy S3, Galaxy Note 2 or other compatible smartphone but can not access because region Home You can install this , always making sure to update the application on Facebook and Messenger to their latest versions.

Some users have said that the method has not worked, while others have had no problems. One way to solve problems is to do the following (you need to be root):

Edit the build.prop :

ro.product.model = SCH-I535 = d2vzw ro.product.device = d2vzw

Then, restart the device and go!

What do you think of the New Facebook Home? More information and download links at this link .

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Download Facebook Home for any Android APK
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