Download Google APKs directly from your computer Play Real APK Leecher


So many times, for whatever reason, want to download an application from Android directly on your computer: incompatibility by region or device would be an ideal example of situation where need to do this.

So far we only had one choice, and that does not allow Google Play download. apk directly to your computer, but has to be bound to an Android device. The only thing left is to find the. apk Internet we want very unreliable sources, but can we bring you today a solution to have the. apk directly to your computer, and originating from Google Play …

left;”> Today we talk about Real APK Leecher , a computer program that allows just that, download applications directly from Google Play from our computer, linking to our Google account and the ID of our Android device.

Android-Device-ID-from-GTalk-Service-Monitor Android-Device-ID-from-app The first thing you need is our device ID, which is quite easy to get . We’ll just take our Android Dialer and dial in * # * # 8255 # * # * to bring up the aid (as referred to in that menu Device ID) in the window GTalk Service Monitor. Or, if you want an easier way, we have this application that gives us directly without further ado.


Once we have that, we’ll have to start using Real APK Leecher from our computer . It is an executable, so unzip the zip and run enough. The first thing we have to do, once we run the application, it will correctly configure . For them we have to use our Google account and our device ID from us, and select the values ​​that we agree to the following sections. Everything is very simple, so I do not think there is any problem with this step.


When you have configured the application correctly, we have the main screen from view where we spend most of the time using the application. To download an application can search by the name of the developer of the application, or both (custom) . Payment applications can also be downloaded, but we have to have purchased previously from official channels. And to download an application will only have to click on Download this app by right clicking the application. That submenu also allows a few other things, as you can see in the screenshot …


To finish, once we begin to download the application download progress will come in a separate window , which will also allow us to stop or hide this download.

That’s it, we have the application you want on your computer, as coming from a reliable source as Google Play. If you are interested, is an open-source application based on Java, and is available for download here .

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Download Google APKs directly from your computer Play Real APK Leecher
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January 30, 2013

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