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 Ubuntu Phone Experience

Last month Canonical officially launched the first mobile version of Ubuntu , a Linux-based operating system that will reach the first devices in October this year.

Phone While Ubuntu is based on the kernel and drivers for Android, unlike this does not use the Java virtual machine called Dalvik that runs behind all applications, which could substantially increase the performance of our devices.

But this is not everything will Ubuntu Phone UI completely different from what we’ve seen so far in TouchWiz, HTC Sense and Holo. The concept of the UI of this new operating system focuses on the contacts to provide direct and easy access to each of them, focusing most popular applications in one place.

Ubuntu Phone Launcher

Although the operating system is still under development and we still can not find ROMs for our devices, you can get an idea of ​​what this new OS will be using a new launcher called Ubuntu Phone Experience.

Best of all is that we can do from our devices without having to make any flash or complicated procedure.

ubuntu_1  Ubuntu_3  Ubuntu_2

Google PLAY: Ubuntu Phone Experience


Download Ubuntu Phone Launcher APK
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February 11, 2013

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