‘Dragon Ball Super’, a disappointing return and poorly raised

Super Dragon Ball

For several which premiered weeks ‘Dragon Ball Super‘, el He longed to return television Goku, Vegeta and company assumed the television series within this universe from which ‘Dragon Ball GT’ came to an end on 16 November 1997. As was logical, was eager to check if he knew reproduce the magic and charm of ‘Dragon Ball’ and ‘Dragon Ball Z’ and return to conquer us, but also was the question of whether we would not be too old to enjoy as before.

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For my part, I liked the idea that circulated at the time to take advantage of the recent Japan premiere of the film ‘Dragon Ball Z: The Resurrection of F ‘for the series to be a direct sequel, but its creators finally opted to return to tell of la absurd and boring ‘Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods‘ and there have begun problems decaffeinated return, rather disappointing and poorly raised.

‘Dragon Ball Super’, why tell again the same

Scene 'Dragon Ball Super'?

While some find it hard to remember, both ‘Dragon Ball’ and ‘Dragon Ball Z’ had many episodes of what today would qualify as filler, both to extend the length of each season for the simple fact that they could well tell us something funny little relevance with regard to who was the most powerful of the universe.

As expected the beginning of ‘Dragon Ball Super’ would be able to give that feeling, because suddenly jump to confront another creature was not too overpowering sense and because we had to get used again to the particular routine protagonists. That is why I preferred to wait before expressing an opinion on it, as the first impression I got was that it is true that reproduced the essence of the series, but it was far to get that magic.

The problem is that things have gotten worse with the passage of the episodes, and I’m not referring to the controversy with animation It’s the penultimate episode True, it was a bit horrible, but nothing as serious as it is a one thing and the next everything returned to normality, since what really bothers me is that ‘Dragon Ball Super’ has ended up becoming a kind of remake of Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods’ and apparently it seems that soon will do the same with ‘Dragon Ball Z:. The Resurrection of F’ and burning much of the 100 chapters have now secured by

I understand that not everyone will have seen these films, and this detail they seem irrelevant, but to me he has me out of the series not understand why do beyond how easy it is and fill footage a project might have gone ahead too quickly to take advantage of the surge in popularity of the work after the premiere of ‘Dragon Ball Z: The Resurrection of F’.

A return soulless

Super Vegeta in Dragon Ball

Once I established the base-always suspected that Goku’s relationship with his family was a bit peculiar and has been fully confirmed-here, where I had to give everything ‘Dragon Ball Super’ was to know out the relationships between the characters a step further, but so far the only thing I liked were small details as Pilaf groveling for food or some with Yamcha currently boasting well above their real skills, and now I’m not sure if they are original or imported from ‘Dragon Ball Z: Battle of the gods ‘.

The point is that ‘ Dragon Ball Super ‘adds nothing and no soul, as it is while playing with unequal fortune charm’ Ball Dragon Z ‘and the history of’ Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods’, but the mix is ​​misconceived root and the only thing I hope is that things change when they finally can tell a new story and is not self-limited everywhere.

Meanwhile we must have patience or just stop seeing her and retrieve the old episodes to watch how it’s really the fault of the series or if we have simply grown and we do not like what we did freak small. In my case I think there is a little of both, but there are many episodes of ‘Dragon Ball’ or ‘Dragon Ball Z’ I know I seen today liking continue beyond the nostalgic effect though also quite a few today I seem pretty loose or directly infumables- and ‘Dragon Ball Super’ has not yet issued any who might approach them.

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