‘Dragon Ball Z: The Resurrection of F’, new trailer and waiting movie posters


2015 will be a great year for lovers of Goku, Vegeta and company , because with few months apart will brand ‘Dragon Ball Z: The resurrection of F’, the twentieth film in the franchise, though the Most of them were movies- tv, and ‘ Dragon Ball Super ‘, the first installment of the series since 1997 of which will have already seen guess su first breakthrough. Today I have to focus on the first, because here I bring several posters and new trailer , this time in English, of ‘Dragon Ball Z: The Resurrection F ‘.

Ya I had talked ‘Dragon Ball Z: The resurrection of F’ to mark the announcement of ‘Dragon Ball Super’, but I guess it is worth remembering that, as expected, the story revolves around Freezer resurrection , one of the most charismatic villains picture and his new confrontation with Goku, Vegeta and the rest of the defenders of justice on Earth. Not that it’s a great story, but it sure is enough to leave something better than la poor Dragon Ball Z: Battle of the Gods