Drop N Sync – For PC sync photos with Facebook


If accustom to upload hundreds of photos to your Facebook account, organizing the content public or private albums using the social network as a backup if it were, Drop N Sync you can help a lot with homework.

is a tool that allows up and down photos from Facebook . It is possible, for example, climbing thousands of photos automatically, creating groups (albums) and letting the structured content of your computer to sync with what we have online.

If all you want is to lose all the photos you have stored there in the past, can also be useful to us, because in a few minutes we can leave it set to start the download of the content. To create an album only need to create a directory on your computer, because the transformation that performs Drop N Sync is based on the conversion of directories in albums.

other hand also can lose all our photos tagged by friends , facilitating control each user has on the photos that appear within the social network.

Among other things, ensure that the resolution of the material that will go down always the largest available on Facebook, without cuts or compressed.

You can download it for free at dropnsync.com , but only available for Windows.

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Drop N Sync – For PC sync photos with Facebook
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