Dr’t disrespect compares on Twitch your pay with what you earn a developer of Call of Duty

The famous stramer and influencer, one of the most controversial of the video portal, reveals in one of their broadcasts which can get to win as a player in comparison to a developer.

Dr’t disrespect is one of the figures most renowned in Twitch. Controversial and fairly old thread, especially when they kicked him out of the E3 recording in a public bath has more than 3.7 million followers and is one of the professional players that more money have been made in the network videos Amazon. Now, during one of his streams, Dr’t disrespect asserts that earns a lot more now than when I developed maps in the series Call of Duty.

two sides of the industry

For some years, Dr’t disrespect worked in Sledgehammer Games as designer level for one of the deliveries of the saga, Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare, helping to develop maps and scenarios for different game modes in the title of first-person action Activision. While this facet of his is known, and in fact is still boosting, the celebrity has confirmed the reasons why they will not return to the industry as a professional for the short term. The reason? does Not earn enough money and it is very hard.

“I don’t like to talk about my financial situation and live a stream, it answers one of the viewers that asked about your salary or your income on Twitch. “Look, it may be a very personal question, okay? But when I am earning millions and millions and millions and millions and millions of dollars by riding this show, and when you compare it with a bonus 56,000 dollars after three years of working on a project and that bonus is almost equal to your salary… Because the accounts are a bit different,” added Dr’t disrespect.

‘Doc’ could enter an amount of $ 100,000 monthly on Twitch without having another type of agreement, advertising, or donations

it Is difficult to know how much you can enter or generate Dr’t disrespect in your current position, especially when the market of influencers and creators of content varies so much from year to year, but taking into account the current market situation and the legion of fans that have this figure, we could talk about a fairly high amount. According to some calculations, we would speak of a player who would enter a $ 100,000-a-month basis to its subscribers on Twitch, although it is not an accurate count and depends on the type of subscriber and your membership type. To this account, logically, would have to be added to donations, sponsored content and collaborations, facets very lucrative and that have come to us sums of $ 1 million to promote a game like the Apex Legends.

Dr't disrespect compares on Twitch your pay with what you earn a developer of Call of Duty

Dr’t disrespect compares on Twitch your pay with what you earn a developer of Call of Duty
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October 24, 2019

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