DuckDuckGo, the search engine alternative to Google that every time it reaches greater echo

On the Internet we leave a trail continuous and permanent, a matter of which we are aware and that generates suspicion when we stop in it. This usually happens when we see how thanks to the famous cookies appear by ‘magic’ ads related to the searches that we have carried out so prior. These times of increasing sensitivity for the privacy of the data, a precious commodity by third parties, motivate that the proposals that seem to vary that dynamic of common interest, as has happened with the finder DuckDuckGo.In a speech that was interpreted as an allusion to the hegemonic Google, DuckDuckGo is defined as “the search engine that doesn’t track”. On the official website from which you can install your extension (also available as application for iOS and Android system) ensures that never save personal information, do not pursue the user with ads and that also keeps track of the data. “Other search engines will crawl or chase your searches even when you’re in the private mode”, underlines, again with intention.The echo about DuckDuckGo, created in 2008, has increased after a few weeks, Jack Dorsey, CEO of Twitter, posted a tweet in which he highlighted that, because of his virtues, had become their search engine of choice.

Your positioning as an alternative, reflected in the received traffic. As can be read in one of the links of its official website, in his channel have been made more than 40,000 million anonymous searches.Under the slogan of ‘privacy simplified’, DuckDuckGo offers options such as bangs, shortcuts search to get faster to other web sites that you want to perform searches. However, with regard to these he adds that once you get into that other page (Amazon, Wikipedia, etc), you are subject to their policies and practices.
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DuckDuckGo, the search engine alternative to Google that every time it reaches greater echo
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December 28, 2019

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