‘Dumbo’: Disney buries the stamp of Tim Burton on another mediocre remake without the magic of the original animated

'Dumbo': Disney buries the stamp of Tim Burton on another mediocre remake without the magic of the original animated

As has been progressing the film industry, and, along with it, the ability of the investors to calculate risks and to extract data, more or less successful, on the alleged tastes of the potential audience, the difference between making a feature film independently —or of the hand of a small company— and you do that through a large-scale study has increased dramatically. the creative freedom has been severely undermined by formulas and templates prefabricated, losing opportunities to provide works, unique in its kind.

Without being Tim Burton saint of my devotion, I can not deny you a status of copyright case, with an unmistakable seal and hardly imitable that has been present in almost the entirety of his career. A “gene Burton,” which can only be in sight for vague snippets in ‘Dumbo’, a new adaptation of live ction of the factory Disney, which is once again being unable to capture the magic of the classic animated version.

Another classic tossed out. Another remake that condemn them to oblivion.

with the exception of the fantastic ‘The jungle book’ directed by Jon Favreau, the last 2016, the trajectory of the company’s Mickey mouse in the territory of the remakes in the actual action of their works animated has been marked by the common mistakes —ranging from a few treatments visual excessive and sleepless about narratives of poor and uninspired— and by an inability to achieve levels of genius and quality of the original material; which translates into feature films that fail to function fully if it is not on account of their origin.

The case of ‘Dumbo’ is not, unfortunately, an exception within this pattern, and the first track of the da a production design in the back the excess. We are, therefore, faced with a new pastiche CGI of a dubious sense of aesthetics that are dominated by a few obvious scenarios are artificial, all of it presided over by a treatment of light and color that does not finish curdle, except in the scenes in which Burton takes the reins and takes over the creative control.

it Is precisely these moments, which are not only limited to the visual, when the film manages to stand out slightly among conspecifics and placed above the average. The devotion of the filmmaker california by the characters misfits in a world that don’t understand returns to make act of presence to shine and resize the story of the gentle, elephant-eared, but, quickly, the aroma of originality is again diluted in the nth artificial creation the machinery of a large-scale study.

Dumbo 1

The largest representation of all this is found in a manichaean and flat treatment of figures, fleeing from the archetypal to be to embrace directly the condition of cliches and exhibit a predictability in their behavior that will cripple any possibility of surprise. Something that we have to add the disappointment that, in contrast to the film, 1941, Dumbo is relegated to the status of main character, gaining all the attention about human wishy-washy in general. 

it Is shocking to see how, during some of the passages of ‘Dumbo’, Burton seems to take advantage of the becomings plot of the film, which face the small circus run by the character of Danny DeVito and the big business of entertainment mogul played by Michael Keaton, to develop a discourse that seems to bite the hand that is feeding. Between the lines may be perceived to be an ironic subtext that is attacking the way in which corporations seek to devour the creations more personal and minority to achieve the hegemony of the industry at all costs; without a doubt, the best in the long.


beyond these readings, of specific moments particularly successful, and a casting solvent on general lines that is between the talent of Eva Green so wonderful as usual, and the eccentricity of a Keaton that verges on the unbearable, little more can be offered the umpteenth rehash of live ction of a Disney that seems to not want to give the arm to twist, and to continue exploiting another of his hens laid the golden egg. Although this involves transform belts of an emotion so huge like the ‘Dumbo’ Ben Sharpsteen in icy artifice planned to the millimetre unable, even, to shrink slightly the heart.

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‘Dumbo’: Disney buries the stamp of Tim Burton on another mediocre remake without the magic of the original animated
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March 27, 2019

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