Edit This Cookie, an extension to manage cookies from Chrome


Add, delete, search, protect and block cookies. Those are the actions you can perform with the extension target=”_blank”> , for Google Chrome plugin that allows us to have complete control of the information that some websites store on your computer for future reference.

Lock or delete cookies is ideal if you want a Shop online no customer recognize us as above, or do not wish to see personalized advertising displayed through the web other information saved on your PC, but in many cases we may want to delete some and keep others, why the choice should always be individual.

Besides allowing always know the information that certain websites can get the cookies we have in our computer, we can also alter the data to simulate a behavior or another, something very necessary when is designing a website for a client, for example.

The options have the ability to turn a section that displays advertisements. Since the extension page promise that 50% of what they earn will be sent to Unicef. If not want to see this advertisement, we can remove the option from the “Settings ” plugin.

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Edit This Cookie, an extension to manage cookies from Chrome
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