10 endangered animal species

Many animal species are currently in real imminent danger of extinction or vulnerability due to different factors, whether due to predation, hunting, pollution, habitat destruction or nature’s own situations. Below we have prepared a list with the top 10 well-known animal species endangered. See.

Especies animales en peligo de extincion, en via de desaparecer

They’re on their way to disappear

  1. The jaguar is a feline of America and, although not considered in imminent danger of extinction, it is considered to be vulnerable or close to it because it has no protective measures or its escaza population. The vulnerability state is globally, but in some areas it has already disappeared or is in full extinction.
  2. The white shark is a marine species that can reach a measure between 4 to seven meters, grey or blackish above and white below. It is not known how many specimens could exist but is considered vulnerable by marine fishing action, and could be considered endangered.
  3. The African elephant is the largest land mammal in the world, slightly larger than the Asian elephant that reaches about four meters in height and weighs up to seven tons. Deforestation is its main enemy and what is causing its species to shrink considerably. They can also be affected by contaminated water.
  4. The albatross is a seabird that is among the flying species with the largest dimension. According to species conservation organizations, 19 of the 21 known species are threatened worldwide, making it the world bird species. Their greatest enemy is fishing nets where approximately three hundred thousand specimens come to die each year.
  5. The pongo, better known as orangutan is a primate native to Malaysia and Indonesia that reaches an approximate height of one meter with seventy centimeters. Its future is truly uncertain and it is estimated that in the last decade its population has shrunk by 50%. Illegal trade or its use as a food source is its main threat.
  6. The sea turtle lives in almost every ocean in the world, they are reptiles and must control their body heat for themselves by diving deep or swimming fast. Human butchery puts them at a real disadvantage because they are desired by their meat, eggs, skin and shell. It is usually now only found in parks or protected areas.
  7. The penguin really is a non-flying bird whose habitat is distributed throughout the southern hemisphere and, although laws have been created for its protection, they are insufficient or not met. Its population is increasingly reduced by hunting, oil spills or the same destruction of its habitat.
  8. The whale is a cetacean mammal, and one of the largest animals in the world. They reach up to 17 meters and weigh up to 80 tons. Although they have no natural predators, their hunting, which began in the tenth and 19th century, and continues to continue, puts it in real danger of extinction. In addition to this it is threatened by climate change or marine pollution.
  9. The Bengal tiger is a resident of India and surrounding countries that easily adapts to savannahs and tropical forests. Paradoxically, his skin, which is his protection, is precisely what puts him in danger. Real Bengal tiger massacres are held to get your skin to transform you into different items like shoes and coats. Likewise, its bones and almost all its parts are used in traditional Eastern medicine. Its population is estimated at only about 3000 specimens, while in captivity about 2000 are preserved.

And we have reached the top one of this list of endangered animals and species, which does not mean that others are not in equal or greater danger such as the kangaroo, coral, the Mexican gray wolf, the giant armadillo, the macaw, the South African lion , the pink dolphin, etc.

The animal that occupies the first place, not only because it is preyed upon by man, but because nature itself seems to be conspiring for extinction is the polar bear. It is estimated that there is a population of 20 to 25 thousand specimens, but it is also estimated that it could be extinguished in the next 4 decades not only by its hunting, but because the Arctic ice cap is considerably reduced year after year to a cup of almost 1%.

It’s really sad to see how every year the creatures of our planet are disappearing. Write to us in the comment box, what do you think about all this problem and if you think there is any solution.

10 endangered animal species
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June 30, 2019

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