5 proofs of Jesus’ marriage to Mary Magdalene

The hypothetical fact of the marriage of Jesus and Mary Magdalene has made rivers of ink and books run like the sacred enigma and The Da Vinci code have made the subject a little more popular for us.

Without Madeleine, he couldn’t have achieved anything

However, in recent times a new book revives controversy. These are the hidden truths of the Bible, a book in which with biblical argumentation proposes aspects for which Jesus would have been married.

  1. Jesus is called king, priest and teacher, however, in order for someone to be king he must marry in the royal, otherwise he remains a prince.

In turn, Jesus is known as a high priest, but by his time every high priest should be married by taking as his wife a virgin of his people.

And finally, in the Palestinian of the time of Jesus a rabbi, although he could be single, the such would be a small rabbi not worthy of being taken into account, which isn’t the case with Jesus who makes a great entourage.

  1. In the episode of the weddings of Cana the maestresala, towards the end of the narrative, he calls the husband to dedicate a few words concerning that he has left the best wine for the end, and implicitly we know that such words are addressed to the person of Jesus.
  2. After Lazarus’s death, Jesus comes to Bethany to resurrect him, but Mary does not leave the house to receive him, which his sister Marta does. The Jewish tradition tells us that she is sitting on Shivé, that is, that she is seated in mourning, and that she cannot leave the house unless she receives an express order from her husband, which does indeed happen because jesus instantly sends her to call and she leaves.
  3. After the death of Jesus Mary Magdalene he goes to anoint the body of Jesus which would not be possible unless it was a family member of his because it was only permissible for the aclose women of the deceased to go to anoint his body with spices and oils.
  4. In that same scene Mary Magdalene finds the stone removed and Mary thinks that someone has moved the body of Jesus somewhere. In this an angel appears and she thinks he is the gardener and begs her to tell him where they have put his lord’s body and that she will take him elsewhere. Here Mary appears with the power over the body of Jesus, which would not have been possible for her if it had not been his family member, for that matter his wife.

These are some of the arguments put forward by the author, but as always, it is up to you to draw your own conclusions. Of course, the official position of the church has always been in the sense of denying it.

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5 proofs of Jesus’ marriage to Mary Magdalene
Source: Education  
July 14, 2019

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