Abortion essay

Is it lawful to abort? It is one of the frequently asked questions between different people, between different communities. But as we wonder about the legality of abortion, comes another not less important or thorny: is it morally acceptable? Should it be or can it be done in certain cases?

Contradictions of morality

Well, let’s start with the easier part, the one that concerns its legality. Whether or not abortion is legal depends on the laws that each country approves with respect to abortion. It is a matter of national legislation, it is an aspect that they come to controvertize, decide or sanction the Congress, Senate or parliament, according to their functions, independent of religion, moral conviction or ideology. If abortion, according to the legislation is allowed, because there will simply be no shortage of women who are willing to do it, mainly when the conception has been the result of rape.

But in this case an additional question arises: is it morally acceptable? If life is sacred, is this not a violation of the right to life? At what point does life begin?

The point is that life is not valued in our society. A plant is life and yet we cut down trees. An animal is life, and yet we hunt it or kill them and then roast it and eat it. In this order of ideas, a fetus is also life, a life superior to that of the plant. A fetus is a developing baby.

Should a baby be murdered in a training path? Whether we’re for or against it, it’s something that happens. If a sower sees that a seed is damaged, would he still sow it? The answer is no. So would this support abortion in certain cases? And such is what happens in many legislations, where abortion is allowed in cases of rape of the mother, in cases of malformation of the fetus, or in events where pregnancy endangers the life of the mother.

Perhaps in the case of rape it would not be necessary to abort because having the baby does not mean that it must be accepted or raised. Perhaps in this case, the woman could have some charity for that child and keep it during pregnancy and, once born, hand it over to the state.

In such a case there should be relevant professional support so that the pregnant woman in a situation of these can have the child and then give it to the state or a family welfare institute or to a foster home. It is a perfectly valid way and the State must accompany it and create the mechanisms to promote its realization.

Only when the woman is in great danger of death

And when the life of a mother is in danger, it is possibly her decision because then this case resembles situations of emergency in which one’s life itself is in imminent danger and where even the right of self-defense prevails and the right of self-defence prevails and , it is legally permissible to murder another person to save one’s life. It sounds ugly, but it’s a reality we all agree on.

Now, what if this fetus has malformation or signs of a painful, lethal, and irreversible disease? Is it morally acceptable to have an abortion in this case? Here the situation becomes even more complicated, not only from a legal point of view, but morally.

It is usually argued that life is sacred, but who says so? What evidence is there? Perhaps this only finds its base on which to murder someone of our kind attentive to our own species, but even this does not show that life is, in fact, sacred. What is sacred? But on the basis that it is, as much as possible that it is only sacred as long as it is dignifying, provided that it can be fully enjoyed, provided that it can be received and, in turn, contribute from it, in healing, in integrity.

And at this point would come again the simile of “The Farmer and the Seed”. If a farmer detects that a seed is damaged, it is clear that he will not use it for the generation of a new plant. And if he had fallen into the furrow, realizing it, he would withdraw it. And it is logical, so what is the sower who, realizing such a situation, would strive to cultivate this seed? And there’s no remorse there, there’s no guilt there. That would be the case otherwise, in the event that it allowed the gestation of a deformed fruit that will degenerate or die early and in the midst of pain. Maybe, and only maybe, this is an aberration.

But if you want, in the latter case, abortion could also prove optional, a matter of conscience.

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Abortion essay
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