Acrostic dialog

Dialogue is a branch of oral and written discourse, in which a direct communication is established between two or more individuals, willing to exchange ways of thinking, feeling and perceiving.

The art of dialogue

In order to fulfill all the parameters that constitute a dialogue, an exchange of roles between the interlocutors is necessary. This is called in Linguistics as the shifts of speech and Linguistic Courtesy. All the great thinkers have agreed that dialogue is the end of people’s problems.

Dialogue is a vitally important factor in human interaction and allows the understanding of the various positions of people. We find it in all areas of human activity, at family, academic, work, etc., and it allows us to reach agreements, to consensus, or to exchange experiences, transmit ideas, etc. Then a short acrostic with the word dialogue.

Dame, though horrified Gypsies,
I also am not the father and the boy who rises,
a community of thinking creatures,
languages, like religions, live on heresies.
Obstacle runs over fences,
girls wet crystal temples,
under the moon so far miles,
each one of us ourselves.

Leave your comments about what you think about the dialogue and how it should occur between people.

End of Acrostic dialogue.

Acrostic dialog
Source: Education  
June 17, 2019

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