Apartment lease format


In the city of [city], on the day [xx] of [month] of [year], the subscribers met: [NAMES AND SURSES], of legal age, identified with [DNI] of [DNI City], who hereinafter and for the purposes of this contract will be called THE LEASE, and [NAMES AND NAMES], of age, identified with [DNI] of [DNI City], who hereinafter and for the purposes of this contract will be called THE LEASE, to conclude this lease of property (apartment) intended for housing, governed by the following Clauses.

formato arriendo apartamento vivienda

FIRST (OBJECT): To lease an apartment located in the [Property Address], in the city of [city], consisting of 2 bedrooms, 1 dining room, 1 kitchen, 1 patio of clothes and 1 bathroom, which is delivered in good condition , safety and health.

SECOND (DURATION): The duration of the contract, as well as its effects, shall be 6 (six) months, ranging from the [date of termination of the contract] to [date of termination of contract], which may be extendable by signing another yes between THE RENTER and EL Tenant.

THIRD (CANON): THE LEASE SHALL PAY THE LESSOR the sum of $[value in numbers] (value in letters), payable on the day [xx] of each month or within the next 5 days, month in advance by mutually agreed mechanism.

FOURTH: THE LEASE WILL PAY THE RENTER the sum of $100,000 (one hundred thousand pesos) as a deposit that will cover the value of utilities in the event that THE LEASE will vacate the property.

QUINTA (SERVICES): The property has the services of water, electricity and gas, which must be canceled in a timely manner by THE LEASE.

SEXTA (MORA): The arrears for non-payment of the monthly rent on the opportunity and agreed form will empower THE RENTER to terminate the contract and demand judicialory or extrajudicially the restitution of the property.

SEPTEMBER (DESTINATION): The property will be intended solely and exclusively for housing. THE LEASE is not entitled to carry out any other type of activity. The property will be intended for housing up to three people.

OCTAVA (RELEASE OBLIGATIONS): Deliver the property to THE LEASE on the agreed date of service, security and health, and make available the services, things, or related uses and the additional agreed ones.

Maintain the property, services, things and related and additional uses in good condition to serve the purpose agreed in the contract.

NOVENA (RENT OBLIGATIONS): Do not disturb the peace or tranquility of other tenants, assault them in any way, make excessive noises. Likewise, the LEASE must make a groom of the common area that it uses in a way arranged by THE LEASER.

Take care of the property and the things received from the lease. In case of damage or deterioration other than those arising from normal use or the action of time, and which were attributable to misuse of the property or to its own fault, inform THE LESSOR and make the necessary repairs or replacements in a timely manner.

The other obligations enshrined in THE LEASE in Chapter III, Title XXVI, Book 4 of the Civil Code.

TENTH (CONTRACT TERMINATION): Both THE LESSOR AND THE LEASE may terminate this lease at any time, for which THE UNFULFILLED PARTY SHALL pay THE COMPLIED PARTY a compensation covering the fee until the end of this contract. Both THE LESSOR AND THE LEASE may terminate this lease agreement during any of their extensions two months in advance or, by THE LESSOR, one month in advance in the case of the sale of the property or by the non-compliance with any of these clauses.

THE LESSOR may also terminate this contract at any time and demand the restitution of the property by legal or extralegal means for any of these reasons:

The non-cancellation by the tenant of the rents, readjustments and services within the stipulated term.

The total or partial sublease of the property, the assignment of the contract or the enjoyment of the property or the change of destination of the property, including those that involve criminal acts or contravention.

The repeated incursion of THE LESSEE in procedures that affect the legitimate right to peace and tranquility of the neighbors.

The realization of improvements, changes or extensions of the property, without express authorization of THE LESSOR, or the total or partial destruction of the property or area leased by THE LESSEE.

The cohabitation of more people than those who make up the family unit of THE LESSEE.

ELEVENTH (EMPTY) Any gap in this contract will be filled according to the criteria of THE LESSOR, as long as it is compliant or does not contradict the provisions of the Colombian Civil Code.

For record and compliance of the above, sign:



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Apartment lease format
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June 30, 2019

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