Application for job promotion

A job promotion is something that many of us work on a daily basis, so we give our life and our blood in favor of the development of a product, the growth of a company, the maximization of sales, etc., etc. And, of course, if it’s something we deserve, we can request it. Sometimes it will be uncomfortable. It is presumed that it is the employer, senior executives or our bosses who must do it naturally, but in some cases that will not work, so we must request it.

Solicitud de ascenso laboral

Application for job promotion

But, that job assent that we want, can play against us? That is, will we see ourselves in a certain way committed to double our work, to increase our work hours, our dedication, etc.? Yes and no, that really depends on the boss, the company, the company in which we are linked labor. It should not mean working more hours, but it should involve more responsibility, because at higher positions, greater responsibility.

But hey, without further explanations, let’s see what could be a format or letter of application for job promotion:

Washington D.C., November 28, 2015

Director of Accounting Department


Good day appreciated Dr. Suarez.

The present office aims to put in consideration the viability of a job promotion as coordinator of the finance department, as well as explain the reasons on which I support my request.

  1. The position is vacant.
  2. I have just finished my professional studies in Administration and Finance
  3. In the last few months I have been the person with the highest performance in the group of analysts.

You have also witnessed my commitment to the institution, my dedication to work, my honesty, responsibility, and my abilities. It is for this reason that I take the boldness to address you to make this request or to be a candidate for it.

I appreciate your attention in this regard.


Financial Analyst

So far our example of how to write our application for job promotion, nomination or nomination to a new position, a vacancy, etc. The same request can be modified according to the real situation of the company, to the circumstances and, of course, it must be drafted and addressed in the most moderate terms.

Application for job promotion
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June 20, 2019

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