Application letter dismissal

After we have worked out for some time, at the end of the semester or year (it depends on each country), or before if the work ceased for this or that reason, we have the right to have the so-called severance pay.

Carta solicitud retiro de cesantías

What are the layoffs for?

It is presumed that unemployment is a saving that will help us to cope with the situation just when we lose our job, our job, for this or that reason, that is: for when we are unemployed.

Then we can make the request for the removal of them. But how to prepare a format or letter to make the withdrawal request? Below we will offer an example of how to write it.

Letter request withdrawal of layoffs

In our office or letter we must include relevant information such as:

  • City and date
  • Person or entity addressed (optional, can be opened)
  • Subject (sometimes you choose to put CERTIFICATION, capitalized, large and centered font)
  • Presentation of the application, including the reason and the destination thereof
  • Mechanism of payment of layoffs
  • Firm
  • Contact information
  • Notary stamp (optional, not always requested)

According to all this, our example letter request retirement of severance would look something like this:

Washington D.C., July 13, 2016

Severance Fund


I, WILLIAM PARKER, identified with citizenship card No. of Washington DC, I request through this office, the disbursement of the severance payments that appear in my name for the partial value of $ [the value can be partial or total], and that they are transferred to my account of savings No. of the Bank xxx [it can also be a check or the method that the entity designates for each case].

The reason for my request is because I have lost my job [eventually it will be necessary to attach a labor certificate with extreme dates (starting and retirement dates) and I am forced to make use of severance payments for the use of (usually: education, housing, feeding etc. According to the particular case, state the situation).

Without another particular, I appreciate the attention given to the present office.


Address. xxx
Phone: xxx
Electronic address: xxx

Ready, we have our format or model of letter request withdrawal of layoffs, same that we can take to Word, save as PDF, print, send by email, etc. (according to our need).

It should be clarified that according to the entity and / or regulations, the terms set forth herein may vary, or require additional information and supports and documents. You must find out with the entity that administers your layoffs the specific steps to follow, as well as find out the way in which your layoffs, deadlines, etc. will be paid.

Obviously, the letter must be precise, neat and must meet the standards established for a letter. This is an issue that concerns tens of thousands of people every year and everyone dreams of one day, long before they die, receiving the severance they worked for most of their lives. Regrettably, the laws of many Latin American nations at the moment, are putting obstacles to the layoffs and all the governors propose to finish them.

Application letter dismissal
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June 20, 2019

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