Are there past lives?

There is a universal law called Return and there is another called Recurrence. The return ensures that each soul returns to take a physical body on Earth. And The Recurrence is processed by the soul repeating the same dramas, comedies and tragedies as always.

Successive stocks

Dying means returning again to a new physical body, to mechanically repeat life. In reality, the term must be “successive existences”, because it is the same life repeating itself in different material vehicles.

Life is a sequence of tragic states and events, pleasant, sad, joyful, triumphant, failed, boring, desperate, etc. You’re always going to meet the same people and you’re going to repeat the same thing with them, plus their consequences that get worse every time.

That’s the sad reality of the Samsara Wheel. A very curious fact is that we return to our descendants. For example, we could be born in the body of what we would call a grandson or great-grandson; a nephew, etc. That chain of events and states we call life resembles a living film, which at the time of disembodied travels with us to eternity.

Every human being when he dies, he takes with him his video film called life and returns again to project it in the “video beam” of a new personality in a new body. Then the same usual melodramatic scenes are repeated, with the same people, the same problems, all recurrently.

The events of all existences are almost accurate. Our psychological flaws are those who star in the novel and those who possess the body and personality to execute their repetitive role in the story of life. If we eliminated those flaws, the actors would disappear and the scenes would be destroyed. I’d completely change the plot.

For example, if in a previous existence we fall in love at 27 years of age with a woman and formalize a relationship, this will happen the same. If we had a lawsuit with a subject at the age of 30, in this one we find the same subject and the same problem. If we were ripped off at 40 in the previous incarnation, it will happen as it is in the former incarnation.

But that happens for those actors called psychological defects, anger, lust, greed, envy, pride, etc., etc. That is, if in the case of the subject of the lawsuit, which may be a fight, before starting everything if you are in full self-observation of the mind and self-denial of the observed, such a fight would not be caused because two are needed to fight.

If one kills anger and violent reactions, one would have simply withdrawn without any aggressive confrontation or fight, transcending karma or law of recurrence. This transforms fate: self-watching and refusing to react to any entitre.

Each of those yoes are people living within us. They’re like some kind of demons or dark entities. Each of them carries a commitment that he must make in his or her proper moment of life.

Intellectually it is impossible to fully understand this postulate and it is only possible to develop the atrophied sense of psychological self-observation, in addition to using the techniques of Conscious Astral Retrospection and Unfolding. The ideal goal would be to prevent these commitments of our self to other people’s self from being fulfilled and to form a new, but perfect and masterly life.

One’s self communicates telepathically with other people’s and long before they meet, even days before the recurring event, the yos have communicated through the subconscious and the unconscious, arrange a date and prepare for their role in the Film.

That is why it is ideological for a person to presume to “know” something in life, because to begin with he completely ignores that he is being manipulated as a puppet by invisible threads of his psychology, which made him forget everything he has already lived and experienced in other bodies, in other stocks. Those me are keeping us asleep a hundred percent.

If we could consciously unfold and perform with positive results the technique of magical recapitulation, we would check this ineffable truth and at the same time we would prepare from before things happened to us, to transform them in time and deflect the same fate we have always had, but worsening in every existence.

In order to wake up, it is only possible by killing the mees we carry internally. They have a trapped and numb consciousness. MysticAl Death frees us from those psychological shackles. It is possible to remember all stocks, even even before we were human, when we were wild animals.

The technique of magical review is fabulous to travel back in time and awaken our akashic memories and verify for themselves our journey through various cultures, civilizations, epochs, wars, etc.

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Are there past lives?
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